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‘I could scarcely contain my arousal!Former Home and Away star Pia Miller launches her own clean beauty brand

The actress, model, and doting mother is Pia Miller.

And now, after formally unveiling the new clean makeup brand, Macabalm, on Friday, the longtime home and Away actress can add a cosmetics entrepreneur to her name.

As she cradled an armful of organic macadamia balm tubes, the 37-year-old shared a picture of herself beaming, and wrote in the caption: ‘I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!


It was such a delight for you to make this strong and nourishing magic balm! Finally, @macabalm is here and available tonight for shopping. Your certified organic daily skin saviour is Macabalm.’

The former star of Home and Away continued:’ With love and reverence for Mother Nature, our products have been sourced locally and responsibly.

For millennia, these ancient ingredients have been used to cure, replenish, soothe, moisturize, and rebuild the skin.

The mother-of-two said, ‘We are lovers and lauders of the humble Macadamia nut and the heavy properties of Kakadu Plum, sourced right here in Australia.

It is believed to be a ‘multi-tasking moisturizing balm intended to hydrate, cure, and light the skin’ on the Macabalm website.

The company also promises to include ‘responsible, ethically sourced products and components.’

There are three types of tubes of organic macadamia balm available (mini at $19.95, medium at $29.95, and super at $45.95).

Earlier this year, back in April, Pia revealed her secrets about her youthful face in Beauty Heaven.

She disclosed that she uses the SKII Face Treatment Mask and Liberty Belle Eye Do eye treatment as part of her skincare regimen.

Pia also told Husskie earlier that when filming, she wears ‘so much makeup I want to help me breathe skin when I’m not’.

Instead, when she’s off-duty and looking after her two daughters, Isaiah and Lennox, she likes to apply only a slick of ‘sunscreen’.

‘In the morning, using witch hazel cosmetics, I scrub, tone, and moisturize, which leaves my skin looking fresh and clean,’ she added.

Pia’s relationship with Patrick Whitesell starts to blossom as her latest career as a clean makeup entrepreneur begins.


This week, the Chilean-born beauty, surrounded by friends and relatives, celebrated its 37th.

While owing to the coronavirus pandemic, her multi-millionaire American talent agent boyfriend was unable to fly from his Los Angeles home, he sent her an enormous bouquet of peonies and white roses.

At a Halloween party in Los Angeles in October last year, Pia and Patrick went public with their relationship. Since May 2019, it’s known they have been dating.


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