EastEnders spoilers: Sharon forced to choose between Phil and baby Kayden


Sharon Watts was unable to bid adieu to Kayden in EastEnders and therefore revealed to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) that she had decided to keep her son, but that decision caused a Conflict between the two episodes to come episode forcing Sharon to make a choice. When Sharon come back home, it became clear that she was beginning to doubt whether or not she made the right call to Karen (Lorraine Stanley) in giving baby Kayden. She soon realized, however, that this was not what Dennis (Bleu Landau) wanted, and therefore after bonding with her baby she resolved to take him back, putting a stop to Karen’s exit plan.

She revealed her decision to Phil, and there’s a lot of tension in the coming episodes as they struggle to find a way through. After that, she informs Phil of her desire for the three of them to be a family — but Phil is not so keen. The Mitchell hard-man wants to give Kayden back to Karen — who’s devastated after Sharon took the kid back — as he’s continually reminded that he’s a Taylor, not a Mitchell. As a result, Sharon finds herself forced to choose between Phil and Kayden. The question is: who is she going to choose?



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