EastEnders star Danny Dyer reveals shocking storyline ahead for Mick Carter


EastEnders star Danny Dyer teased “best story ever” about Mick Carter when the show comes back later this year.

The show is on a hiatus right now, after running out of regular episodes to the screen, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger regarding the future of Mick and Linda.

A big twist unveiled Sharon Watts as the new owner of The Vic, following the decision by the Carter couple to sell and start fresh elsewhere.

In last night’s first episode of EastEnders, Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright, respectively, as Mick and Linda, joined Stacey Dooley for a chat: Secrets of the Square a spin-off devised to bridge the gap while the BBC drama is off the air.

Teasing what fans can expect to see when the show finally comes back, Danny said: “Essentially, like the rest of the country, we ‘re all going to come out of the lockdown in the show.”

While Kellie added: “Mick and Linda have some test times ahead.”

Drop another big teaser, Danny said, “I think I could potentially have the best story I’ve ever had on the show when we get out of the lockdown.”

Danny also spoke about the landing of the part as landlord Mick seven years ago during his chat with Stacey.

“I had been acting for a long time, but then the wheels began to fall off,” explained Danny.


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