Sam Frost drops huge clue Home & Away’s witness X is Chelsea


Sam Frost may have dropped a huge clue about the identity of Home And Away’s witness X, and we’re praying it’s true

One question is on the lips of any Home And Away fan this week: Who is Witness X?
Since he returned to Summer Bay, Angelo’s resolve to locate Ross’ murderer has been unwavering. And his search, the beloved cop, Colby, has brought him dangerously close to the murderer.
It declined to attempt to hold Angelo out of his situation, involving an illegal affair with his wife, Taylor.
Still, Angelo is convinced that Colby is a criminal, and by testifying against him, he has met a very enigmatic individual to prove it.

Among ardent fans of one name notably gaining momentum, rumours are still circulating-Colby’s former wife, Chelsea, who was played by Ashleigh Brewer.
Fans may remember, not long after they tied the knot, the beautiful fellow cop left Colby and the area. Chelsea could not stay and keep his silence, having discovered the facts about the murder and Colby’s part.
Will she be Witness X, then?

We see Colby coming face to face with Witness X in the tantalizing teaser for this week’s bombshell episodes. The only hint about their identity comes from the sound of shoes approaching his cell, suggesting they are a woman.
“One fan wrote,” I bet it’s Colby’s ex-wife, “while another added:” A witness is someone who sees, observes, or understands. It could well be Chelsea.
“Before the third wrote,” The ex-wife is more than likely because since she is an officer, she will be a reliable witness.

Further fuelling the theory fire is an inconspicuous post from actress Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine on the show.
The 31-year-old took to Instagram just yesterday to share a photo with both Courtney Miller, who plays Bella and Ashleigh.
While there is a chance the photo was just a flashback to when Ashleigh was last on set playing Chelsea, the uncanny timing has fans, and us, very suspicious.
Is this wishful thinking or a huge clue?
We’re hoping for the latter.


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