Home and Away Spoilers – Jasmine bails Colby out as he faces trial


In the meantime, Colby struggles to discover “Witness X” ‘s identity, the one person who might be his downfall! From Monday 9 November, these episodes will air in Australia and in the UK in the new year.

This week, when he goes on trial for Ross Nixon’s murder, Colby’s life begins to crumble.

His dramatic arrest came last week when he was handcuffed in front of Bella, Mackenzie, and Jasmine at the Diner by Angelo. While Angelo seemed to have little evidence against him, he determined that it was enough and that he had eventually obtained enough dirt on the cop to make an arrest.

What mysterious new evidence, however, has come to light to make Angelo so convinced he’s guilty, and to believe that he’s really going to get a conviction?

Very honestly, the big teaser from last week fed us a pack of lies! We saw scenes of Colby being arrested, which played out in dramatic fashion in Thursday’s episodes, over slides referencing a mysterious “Witness X.” But they fed us a huge red herring when it came to the identity of this unknown witness.

“I’m prepared to talk,” a masked voice declared, “I’ve chosen aside.” The pitch-adjusted voice, as we expected, was that of a woman … but the voice belonged to Taylor, as we saw in the episodes that have now aired below.

Angelo’s wife, Taylor, who deceived him by cheating on him with Colby, evidently decided not to help her husband put Colby in prison, going against all that made us believe in the trailer.

She admitted that Colby was playing her, using her in his game as a pawn to get Angelo one, but she doesn’t think that’s enough to turn Colby on. Her husband had, after all, abandoned her for months, so why would she want to support him now?

Plus, aside from her feelings for her husband and her lover, she simply has no proof that Colby played any role in the death of Ross. Colby quite easily denied any involvement whenever the topic came up, and she lapped up everything he said.

Her emotions started to shift when the reality of their affair came to light and she doubted Colby’s story for the first time. She accused him of murder-“It’s not a coincidence, is it? “when the pair discovered that Angelo had bugged Taylor to reveal their affair. You’ve done it! Only tell me the truth, you murdered your stepfather! Yet we can’t think of anything Colby has ever said or done that would give her reason to believe he did it, other than her new assumption.

Even with Taylor on the side of Angelo, he wouldn’t have enough evidence to make it a conviction. But if Taylor’s not Witness X, who’s he?

As one unlikely resident of Summer Bay comes to Colby’s rescue this week, Colby gets a little more time to sort things out this week. Jasmine pays his bail fund in a step nobody would have expected and offers him some precious days of liberty until the court case.

The relationship Jasmine had with Colby was beyond difficult. Until Jasmine ended up with Robbo, and Colby’s ex-fiancée Chelsea Campbell landed in Summer Bay, the pair briefly dated several moons ago. Years later, with Robbo and Colby’s mourning Jasmine coming to terms with his Chelsea divorce, the two ended up sharing a drunken kiss, which they both immediately regretted.

Their drunken kiss cost them their friendship momentarily. Yet it wasn’t long before they reconciled and … quite honestly, since then, they’ve had almost nothing to do with each other! This is why when she began contemplating IVF in recent episodes, Colby was obviously the first person Jasmine thought about.!

She coped badly with seeing Tori and Christian grow closer to each other. She’s worried that her blossoming relationship will mean she’s going to lose Grace forever, and it hurts that Grace knows Christian rather than Robbo as her father.

Recent episodes have seen her admit to Irene that she’s thinking of having her own daughter and that she wants to follow in the footsteps of Tori and do it through IVF. Since it went for Tori so smoothly …?

It didn’t put her off, even though she witnessed Colby’s arrest. He’s innocent, of course, it’s just a single misunderstanding, at least that’s what she and the rest of Summer Bay say! But when Angelo hits her on the beach this week and brags to her that Colby can’t afford his own bail, she makes a big decision.

She bails out her old pal. Suddenly, Colby is free, allowing him a brief window of opportunity to locate Witness X and find a way out of his sticky situation, with Jasmine’s properties suddenly protected against a desperate murderer.

He accuses Ziggy initially, and why not? Thanks to his actions, she lost her boyfriend and made her feelings for him crystal clear. Yet Dean advises him to pull his head in. Of course, it’s not her, she’s too faithful, and he’s only going to make things worse by accusing people close to him.

Patrick O’Connor says, talking to TV Week: “Dean makes it very clear to Colby that he wants to stop doing things that make the situation a lot worse!” “Dean is unable to see a way out of this, where somebody’s not going to prison.”

It seems they’re no closer to deciding who this enigmatic witness is when Colby’s moment in court arrives.

Has Angelo been bluffing all the time, or when Colby arrives at the pier, are they in for a big shock? Patrick told the Australian newspaper, discussing their last moments before Colby’s case: “This situation has been pretty intense for everybody and they have all struggled to keep it together.”

This past week, a second version of the “Witness X” trailer premiered, which you can watch in full above. It brought us no new ideas, but the key suspects who may or may not have turned on Colby were repeated. Could it be Ziggy, Bella, Dean, Taylor, Mackenzie, Nikau, or Willow?

Is he someone that we don’t know?

None of the main characters appear to be obvious suspects, with all of them being close enough to keep things hidden from Colby or Bella. Are we missing something? Who’s behind the demise of Colby, or is this just one big bluff from Angelo?

In the comments below, let us know what you think.


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