Home and Away star Sam Frost; asking her fans if they refer to pencils as ‘gray lead pencils,’


An interesting discussion was ignited by Home and Away star Sam Frost on Tuesday when she asked fans what they call a lead pencil.

On Instagram, the actress, 31, created a survey, asking her fans if they refer to pencils as ‘grey lead pencils’.

‘Fast poll to save a debate in the household. Are you calling this a “grey lead pencil” or are you really unknown and only calling it a “pencil”? ‘She has written.

“After 77% of her fans announced that they call it a pencil, Sam wrote, “I call it a gray lead pencil, and Mads found it funny… And called me a peculiar Melbournian ‘.

‘A second poll, then, for those who voted for the grey lead. Is it a thing in Melbourne or a normal human thing? ‘

65% of her followers claim that Melbournians are the only ones who refer to pencils as ‘grey lead pencils’ in Sam’s latest survey.

This comes after Sam announced the bittersweet commitment she made to Dave Bashford, her ‘best friend,’ after they broke up.

‘It was not a hideous or messy break-up; it was just two people who loved each other dearly as friends, and we vowed to take care of each other,’ she said.

‘Dave is one of my best friends, and we always support each other for my sake, so it was easy. We knew a lot of speculation was going on,’ she said.

Before concluding things with Dave, Sam went through two public splits: the first was with Blake Garvey in 2014, and the second was with Sasha Mielczarek in 2016.


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