Colby’s life is on the line, As he is surrounded by dangerous prison prisoners.


For Colby, life will never look the same. But will the disgraced cop, now a convicted prisoner, survive incarceration surrounded by the same men he put in there?

Colby (Tim Franklin) will know that he has a lot of enemies inside during a stressful week that ends on a shocking cliffhanger, and they want one thing: vengeance.

He roams alone in the courtyard, seeking to distract himself. He worries about Bella (Courtney Miller), his niece, who has lost more people than she can handle.

This latest blow could result in her being undone. The guard, who declares that he has a visitor, interrupts his thoughts: Jasmine (Sam Frost).

Colby attempts to put on a confident face as he awaits her arrival. But he’s cracking inside. “Colby’s situation in jail is pretty bleak, but he doesn’t want to bring more people into his mess,” Tim, 29, told WEEK on TV.

Jasmine is excited to see her boyfriend, but she’s concerned about his well-being. She’s sure he’s really a decent man, considering his conviction. It was necessary to avoid his stepfather, Ross (Justin Wozniak), at any cost.

Colby and Jasmine have been through so much together; he’s her best friend,” Colby and Jasmine have been through so much together; he’s her best friend.

“Jaz is fiercely loyal, and she loves Colby very much, so it’s a no-brainer for her to visit him. While she knows he’s done the wrong thing, she also knows he’s a good person. Ross was a dangerous, violent man, so she can understand why he did it.”

She is shocked to see a familiar face as she gathers her things from the security scanner.
“What are you doing here?” she exclaims, moving towards him for a hug.

Lewis (Luke Arnold), dressed in scrubs, states that he works from time to time in the infirmary at the prison. It is obvious that the two share a relationship and perhaps, have an unfinished business.


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