Lynne McGranger defends Home and Away season finale following complaints from fans


After viewing the show’s most recent finale, some Home and Away viewers were left disappointed.

The Australian soap is well-known for dramatic end-of-season episodes, but audiences did not get the large-scale stunts they had come to expect because of the coronavirus pandemic.

After criticism, actress Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts in the show, has now defended the finale.
On Instagram, one fan commented: “The worst season finale, boring, disappointing with no cliffhanger.”

Gee so sorry Sebastian but a tiny little pandemic kind of got in the way.”Gee, Sebastian’s so sorry, but a tiny little pandemic kind of got in the way.

She tweeted her response as well, thanking everyone behind the scenes.
“Our cast and crew and [fire] writers, producers and directors have worked their bums off since the end of May with little or no respite,” she wrote.

“So I think the final episode is a-freaking-mazing.”

The episode left Colby with an uncertain future as violent prisoners in jail approached him, while the idea of Jasmine’s new relationship was suggested.

Viewers also saw Ziggy and Tane share a night of passion together as well as catching a glimpse of the dark past of Kieran.

Fans will be treated to the return of Heath Braxton when the show returns in 2021.

After previously being spotted filming with regular cast members Ethan Browne (Tane), Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari Parata), and Patrick O’Connor, a preview for the New Year storylines saw Dan Ewing’s character make a brief return (Dean Thompson).


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