10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


A shock attack for Tane, while Amber worries over Jai’s disappearance.

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away is returning to Channel 5 next week following its annual break.

When we were last in Summer Bay, Tane engaged Ziggy in his dodgy dealings, Angelo figured out about Taylor and Colby’s adultery, while Dean took dramatic action over his son Jai.

What’s going to arise next? Here’s a round-up of all the must-see moments that are coming…

1. Will Dean flee to Queensland with Jai?

When we saw Dean for the last time, the surfer dude and his young son Jai were running from Summer Bay. Dean is scared that because of his criminal record, his ex Amber and her interfering mom Francesca will find a way to deter him from seeing Jai.

Dean, adamant not to be separated from his son, pushes them out to one of his old hide-outs on the River Boy. Even though Jai feels it’s all a huge adventure, Dean starts to understand that now there’s no going back. So Dean secretly gets ready to flee to faraway Queensland with Jai after an emotional call to say farewell to his former girlfriend Ziggy.

2. Amber threatens to call the police

Meanwhile, back in the Bay, Amber is frantic when she learns that while he was home alone, her son Jai has gone missing. She continues looking for her son frantically and considers contacting the cops.

The home caregiver seeks former patient John’s help and she explains to him the true reason she has to locate Jai in a hurry.

Yet Amber remains unaware that Dean was tracked down by Copper Colby and threatened him that if he wants to escape to Queensland with Jai, he will be arrested for kidnapping. Can Dean listen to the message from Colby and agree to return to the Bay before he gets into any more trouble?

3. Ziggy panics over the stolen goods

His garage co-worker Ziggy is alarmed as she already has Tane’s truck full of stolen goods parked outside her home while Tane is out in the city trying to figure out the new dodgy deals he has got himself into.

Unable to contact Tane by phone, when Tane’s older brother Ari begins asking some uncomfortable questions about Tane’s whereabouts, Ziggy starts to feel under pressure.

Worried that it’s only a matter of time before someone learns that Tane has engaged Ziggy in his criminal activities, Ziggy realizes that she needs to make the van disappear.

But over her head, she’s in. Who can Ziggy call for help?

4. Angelo secretly spies on cheating Taylor and Colby

Police officer Angelo is convinced of Colby’s remorse over the murder of Ross, and he manages to twist the knife in future scenes.

Angry Angelo eavesdrops on the love cheats from the listening system he secretly planted in the necklace he gave Taylor after making the heartbreaking discovery that his wife Taylor has been having an affair with Colby.

When Colby and Taylor make arrangements to get hot and heavy again at the motel, is Angelo going to track them there and trap them in the act this time?

5. Ziggy and Willow’s big adventure

To get out of the van, Ziggy turns to Willow for help. After all, Willow used to hang out in the Mangrove River with a whole lot of dodgy dudes, but she is no stranger to living on the wrong side of the law.

Willow is eager to assist and knows of someone who can help take the van off their hands immediately.

Ziggy is not entirely happy to be embroiled in a lot of dodgy company, but she would be more than happy to see the van “disappear” and unwillingly decides to go out with Willow on a crazy girls’ adventure.

6. Tane gets beaten up

Things aren’t looking positive for Tane as the workshop mechanic returns broken and exhausted from his ride to the capital. In an unpleasant state, he stumbles into Ziggy’s farmhouse and falls unconscious.

Hours later, when she comes home and finds their unwelcome houseguest, Ziggy’s housemate Mackenzie gets a shock. With a broken liver and head injury, Tane is admitted to the hospital.

7. Jasmine clashes with Christian

Jasmine has an apparent difficulty with Christian. The nurse at the hospital disapproves of the way Tori’s legitimacy is undermined by the cocky neurosurgeon and sends him a frosty welcome.

But does Jasmine feel subtly endangered by Christian’s flourishing relationship with Tori, too? She found the couple out and about playing happy families with Grace’s baby girl Tori, who happens to be the stepdaughter of Jasmine, too.

Does Jasmine worry about Christian slipping into her late husband Robbo’s shoes to play Grace’s dad? When Christian eventually tries to confront her about why she is so moody, how will she react?

8. Tori and Christian get it on

It is not necessarily a smart idea to combine company with fun. Tori and her new Christian fella learn this as they argue medically over the medical care of patient Tane. But it’s Tori who gets the final say over the emergency surgery for Tane.

Since Christian’s smooth-talking wins over Tori, the squabbling medics finally kiss and makeup. And hearts surge as the pair in Tori’s office start to get passionate. Let’s hope they’re not going to be captured – how unprofessional!

9. Will Bella move to New Zealand with Nikau?

After her friend Nikau suddenly asks her to move back with him to New Zealand, Bella faces a problem. When we saw Nikau last, after a call from his mom Gemma, who wants to keep a closer watch on the lad, he was already making arrangements to move back home.

So, after Nikau figures out how his uncle Tane was beaten up in the city by drug traffickers who are now targeting the Parata family, the lad decides he’s certainly going to be safer in New Zealand.

Will Bella, though, make herself desert her big brother Colby and leave the Bay? Or are Bella and Nikau going to try long-distance love?

10. Justin pushes Leah away

It’s been a terrible time for Justin since the tumor on his spine was found to be growing again.

Instead of going for another dangerous surgery, Justin decided to have radiotherapy treatment to reduce the tumour. But as he prepares to begin his first round of hospital radiotherapy, garage manager Justin grows more uncomfortable with having to rely on his girlfriend Leah for assistance.

But he becomes a little snappy as Leah tries to take the day off work so that she can be by Justin’s side for his first radiotherapy session.

Which resident of Summer Bay succeeds in convincing Justin to set aside his stubborn male pride and let Leah help?


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