There’s a newbie in Summer Bay! Emily Symons welcomes Bridie Carter


As news hit the ranks of one of the most popular soaps in the country about Bridie Carter, a beloved stalwart of the nostalgic Aussie TV show McLeod’s Daughters, enough to say fans were delighted.

And now, as she begins filming for her new Home and Away role, we’ve already got our first sneak peek of the woman in question getting into the swing of things-because what other way is there to prove you’re a local Summer Bay than to snap some selfies with the much-loved cast?

On Tuesday, Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn on the show on Instagram, posted a cute photo of herself and Bridie on set, writing: “Absolutely love working with @bridiecarter1 ⁇ Welcome to Summer Bay lovely lady.”

With more than 4,000 likes and what seemed like hundreds of tweets, it was evident that fans and fellow stars alike highly awaited Bridie’s latest gig.

“Beautiful ladies. Right there.”Beautiful ladies. Right there.

Bridie herself, meanwhile, also shared a little insight into her first time on set.

“Thank you! Had fun today!” she responded to Emily.

A number of supporters have expressed their love for Bridie’s upcoming appearance on the show.

“Loved her in McLeod’s Daughters. Can’t wait to see her in H&A in Belgium, “Loved her in McLeod’s Daughters. Can’t wait to see her in Belgium at H&A.

“Oh wow how exciting! Loved watching her on McLeods Daughters. Can’t wait to see her on Home and Away,” added another.

With an Instagram post back in August, Bridie shared news she was joining the Aussie soap.

On the grounds of Sydney’s Centennial Park, the 49-year-old actress shared a windswept selfie, writing: “Getting blown away in beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney. Very happy to be joining the team/family on one of Australia’s longest running shows – @homeandaway.”

She added: ” very grateful in these strange times to be invited into the family fold. After filming today, I sought solace in nature at one of the city’s most beautiful green spaces – not being on the farm, I need that! Very grateful for this wonderful public park. More pics and updates to come. Much love, Bridie.”


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