Home and Away’s gorgeous Penny McNamee share her private life


It is always an enjoyable experience to speak with Home and Away leading lady Penny McNamee.

Tori Morgan, the 37-year-old stage and screen actress, is clearly counting her blessings, fun, down-to-earth, and brimming with excitement for her role as the beloved Summer Bay doctor.

“It’s been five years since I joined Home and Away and it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had,” Penny says. “It’s a role I will always love and look back on in years to come as a real favorite.”

It is also true that when Penny is not in front of the TV cameras, she shares her world very happily with her former high school sweetheart, Matt Tooker’s husband, and their 22-month-old children, Jack, 5, and Neve.

The multi-talented actress, who has previously received praise for her excellent roles in the musical theatre community, shares 10 photos of her life.

This is a picture of me about 1987, when I was 4, with my three sisters-me, there’s Jessica, Melanie, and Rebecca. I’m going to ask my brother, Pat, who was still coming, to forgive me for not including him!

“Growing up with lots of siblings was chaos – always lots of fun and lots of laughs.”

“I grew up every Saturday playing netball. My mum was always my coach, so it was a real sport for the family. Each Thursday night, I still play.

“I love it from a fitness point of view and also 
from a mental health perspective – playing in a team, running around and forgetting about everything else in life for that one hour.”

In the midst of the lockdown, my husband and I enjoy renovating homes. We renovated our last home, and recently sold it and bought a fixer-upper.

This is where I pick up bits of copper that were part of an old roof water heater and throw them into the skip bin. I enjoy putting my work boots on and getting my hands dirty by renovating and enjoying the artistic process of styling.

When we were 16, Matt and I met at high school, and in our mid-20s, we got married. He’s my rock, my safe place to come home and my best friend.

“I once heard Sheryl Sandberg say: The most important career decision 
a woman will make is the man she marries,’ and I couldn’t agree more.”

I sing here at the Domain Carols, which was always number one on my bucket list.

It became my goal when I got the job at Home and Away to get Channel Seven to give me a spot, and I have Ray Meagher to thank for it.

Ray heard me singing in the halls, and went upstairs to tell the powers that were, that I was meant to sing in Carols. It is a very special night.

Six months ago, Ditch Davey joined the show as Tori’s love interest, and he’s so happy to play the opposite. There’s great confidence between us, which makes a working relationship very enjoyable and cohesive.

Ditch has a loud laugh as well, causing me and the rest of the crew to crack up. You can’t hear Ditch laugh and not join him in laughing! “

“With my two mates, Amy and Kimberley, at last year’s Hugh Jackman gig. A very special role in my life is played by girlfriends. I find that the real truth is that you don’t want your partner to be everything to you.

“Many of my girlfriends are soulmates, almost.

When I need them to call, they know that they truly understand how I feel and they give really wise advice. Without them, I wouldn’t live a full and joyful existence.’

Mum life, Mum life! Here I am with Neve and Jack at the beach. I’m bad for sticking with the kids at home-we really need to go out on an adventure. Both of my children are very healthy, so it is a must to get them outside and run around.

I appeared in the musical Wicked in Melbourne and Sydney in 2008 and 2009. Wicked was a phenomenon like that. I’ve done 800 shows, and performing the 800th was just as magical as doing the first.

“My family! This was taken in winter when we were having a bonfire at my parents’ property – a yearly tradition. Matt and I struggled to have children, so we feel very, very blessed to have the little two that we have.”


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