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Is Alfie Moon returning to EastEnders?

Shane, who is currently moving into his new home in the ruins of I’m A Celebrity’s Welsh Gwrych Castle, said he’d consider returning to EastEnders.

“He revealed: “I might well go back to EastEnders, but I’m not sure when exactly that’s going to happen. They don’t watch EastEnders in Reigate, where I live. I don’t think people watch EastEnders in Surrey full stop.

But the way people think that I’m always in it is incredible. In the show, I think because they talk about Alfie, people believe that I’m still in it and people are still good.

In 2002, Shane first appeared on the soap and left in 2005 on Christmas Day.

Following the return of his onscreen wife, Kat Slater, he had another beloved spell on our screens in 2010, before leaving again in 2016.

In May 2018, Alfie made a brief return to meet Kat’s cousin Hayley, who told him that after their one-night stand she was carrying his son, and became entangled in a dramatic plot that saw him abduct the newborn.

What was the escape storyline for Alfie Moon?

After staging his own suicide to escape the mountain of debt he had accrued, Alfie was last seen in Walford last year.

He then went on the run in Spain after scamming Phil Mitchell out of £ 50k, leaving Kat in debt to the hardman Mitchell.

Actor Shane teased his character recently that Alfie would give a letter to his estranged wife, Kat.

Speaking ahead of his I’m A Celebrity stint, Shane clarified that in Spain, Alfie is still alive and on the run – still owing Phil a lot of cash.

He revealed: “What’s interesting is that Jessie said they had a letter from him the other week, so they’re still talking about him.”

Could the letter pave the way for the return of Alfie?

To find out, viewers will have to tune in.

What do fans think of the potential return of Alfie?

Viewers watching Shane on I’m A Celebrity flocked to Twitter, sharing their wish one day for the actor to come back to the soap.

One fan said, “Talking about how he got the role of Alfie. So inspiring. I really hope he returns someday. You can tell he’ll always be grateful to #EastEnders. “

“As much as I hate Alfie Moon, I do think a return from his is WAYYYYY overdue, his last appearance left more unanswered questions from what I remember #EastEnders.“As much as I hate Alfie Moon, I think WAYYYYY is overdue for a return from him, his last appearance left more unanswered questions from what I remember #EastEnders.

“I want Alfie moon to return to take over the queen Vic again or maybe Phil Mitchell I don’t know #EastEnders.”I want Alfie Moon to return to take over Queen Vic, or maybe I don’t know #EastEnders with Phil Mitchell.


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