Is Owen Slater playing games? Home and Away spoilers Roo Stewart and Owen Slater

Are games played by Owen Slater? Roo asks for some answers on Home and Abroad! Uncertain if their short-lived relationship is still going on.

Is Roo Stewart’s affair with Owen Slater (Cameron Daddo) on or of in Home and Away (played by Georgie Parker)? (See our TV Guide for full schedules, 1:15 pm/6:00 pm on Channel 5)

Roo is disturbed by Owen’s unexpected frosty actions after their blissful night together, followed by a family meal.
WHAT went wrong between them? Was Alf (Ray Meagher) Roo’s dad asking so many questions over dinner?
Roo becomes persuaded that she has pushed Owen into a relationship for which he is not yet prepared.
Roo decides, wanting answers, to confront Owen about what’s going on.

But Roo, when Owen comes clean with the facts, is in for a BIG surprise. Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is on the mend after his back surgery elsewhere in Summer Bay.

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Originally left with the fear that he could not walk again, Justin knows life is too short to keep a grudge and agrees that, after all the past bad feelings between them, it’s time to formally call a truce with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost).

Might it be that Justin is actually able to trust Jasmine, the hospital nurse, to take care of her stepdaughter, Grace?


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