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James Stewart spills HUGE Home and Away secret

It’s every actor’s dream for their character to be tasked with a huge storyline on the show they’re working on.

Home and Away’s James Stewart was lucky enough to receive a demanding plot for him to sink his teeth into when his character Justin Morgan went through a health crisis this season.

And James, 45, speaking to the UK ‘s Digital Spy, shared an insight into the way Summer Bay stars are told that they will take on scenes that will become the show’s main driving forces.

“There are many times a year where you’re taken upstairs by the producers and they give you a pitch for an arc. When I hear the word arc, that’s like a particular story for eight to 12 weeks,” James told the publication.

“So you get it only two or three times a year. For this one, they brought me up and I just wanted to have a go at it.

“On some collections, I heard, you find out when you read the scripts … Are they going to sit you on Home and Away and tell you your time is up? “asked host Stav Davidson.

“Ray replied,” I think they’re all different, and it’s officially down to their agent.

“But the agents don’t always seem to want to break the bad news, and Ray added that some of his co-stars will see the scripts and think,” Oh my God, I’m not in this! “Laughing, he explained,” But usually, in that place, it is done in a reasonably organized way!

Earlier this year, Ray Meagher (pictured) revealed some of his co-stars weren’t told they were being killed off until they read it in the script.


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