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Jeremy Clarkson once locked himself in the boot of his car and crashed into things, according to a former EastEnders star.

The cast of EastEnders has grown so large over the years that it’s no surprise that there are so many strange stories about them floating around, and this one is certainly one of the most bizarre.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were in their prime on BBC Two in 2009, and Top Gear was one of the most popular shows on television.

Despite this, the show allegedly received a letter from a disgruntled viewer – one Mr Needham – complaining that their reviews of the cars they test were not ‘thorough’ enough after one episode the previous season.

Clarkson then proceeded to give the most over-the-top and thorough’review’ imaginable, criticizing the Renault Twingo for not having a parachute to get off a dockyard crane and praising it for being able to do a loop in a sewer tunnel in his typical sarcastic manner.

All the while, I’m wondering: “Is this sufficient for you, Mr Needham? I sincerely hope so.”

The test then takes a bizarre and EastEnders-themed turn, with Clarkson demonstrating the interior space of the car.

“Obviously, it’s not a very large car, but if you push those rear seats all the way back, there is enough room there for children,” he says when asked if the car is practical.

“And then there’s enough room in the boot for Ross Kemp if you pull them all the way forward.”

He whips open the car’s boot as he says this, revealing Grant Mitchell himself. “So Ross, you okay in there?” he asks Ross Kemp, who is inexplicably sprawled across the boot of the tiny car.

“It’s a bit of a squeeze but quite comfortable,” the former EastEnders star responds.

The Albert Square actor is then re-sealed in the boot and Jeremy walks away, noting that this is a good mark for Renault.

To be honest, the entire scene feels like a strange fever dream.

And it doesn’t end there: Jeremy wrecks the car on an ice rink, crashes through a dockyard, and is rear-ended by a milk float.

“Ouch, Jeremy, that hurt thank you very much,” Ross exclaims as he transforms his hand-break into a ship’s anchor in the final smash.

Finally, the sequence concludes with Clarkson driving the Twingo off the French docks and into the sea in an attempt to catch a ferry that he had already missed – with Ross still in the boot (apparently).

We’re not sure why this happened, but it’s one of those oddities that you’re glad happened.


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