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Jodi Gordon says she’s open to reprising her role as Martha on Home And Away

She is part of an elite club of VIP members who appeared on two of the most loved soaps in Australia, first gaining success as Martha MacKenzie on Home And Away before years later bringing Elly Conway on Neighbours to life.

So is Jodi Gordon ever going to consider a return to either show?

Back to the bay! Actress Jodi Gordon, 35, (pictured) hints she will reprise her role as Martha McKenzie on Home and Away while speaking to Now to Love on Tuesday

Breakout role: Jodi (pictured) played the daughter of Roo Stewart, played by Georgie Parker, with fans excited for a possible story arc that would reunite the two women

The star reveals she keeps both shows close to her heart and has not ruled out a return to either in an exclusive interview.

“I think it’s something that we would certainly discuss if it comes to the storyline and what works for them the actress tells us.

Jodi wrapped up her job as Elly on Neighbours in January so she could move back from Melbourne to Sydney and concentrate on her young daughter, Aleeia Anasta, who she shares with Braith Anasta, her ex-husband and former NRL player.

Back in sunny Sydney now, die-hard fans of Home And Away have long been pushing for Martha to go back to Summer Bay to reunite with Georgie Parker’s mum, Roo Stewart.

“There was a lot of conversation about that,” laughs Jodi when asked about working with Parker.

I’ve always loved Georgie Parker, she’s brilliant and I’ve always been a big fan of hers. If there was a storyline and there was a conversation, then definitely,” she says. “If there was a storyline and a discussion took place, then absolutely.

As for Jodi’s Home And Away co-stars, the actress who played Martha from 2005 to 2010, still talks to a few of the show’s close girlfriends.

“Every now and then, I talk to Kate [Ritchie], Tessa James, and a couple of members of the team. They’re such an amazing group of people. You’re creating these relationships, and you’re not letting any of them go,” she says.

Her pride and joy: The career move also saw her moving back to Sydney from Melbourne, where Neighbours is filmed, to spend more time with her daughter Aleeia, six (pictured)

When the mother-of-one worked on Neighbours with Jodi for four years, forging an especially special friendship with her co-star Bonnie Anderson, deep bonds were also established.

“She’s so gorgeous, I love that girl. I remember we just sat in her dressing room from the first day she arrived and we just chatted for hours,”  she reveals of their instant connection.

“In so many different ways, we’re so alike, it’s pretty frightening. Our mannerisms, our way of talking, our loud voices, our way of laughing, our attitudes, what we do when we’re nervous or awkward… It’s so funny! It’s so weird, it’s like we really are sisters.”

“[Forming an immediate connection] does not happen so much in life, but with Bonnie, it certainly happened. I love her so much, and she will be someone who will forever be in my life.”


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