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EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley reveals that Karen Taylor is set to leave Walford

EastEnders actor Lorraine Stanley has opened up on what’s in store for her character Karen Taylor as she plans to leave Walford.

Karen has been agonizing about whether or not to flee town for a few months now, ever since Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) gave her money to leave with her grandson Kayden, suggesting that she will give Sharon (Letitia Dean) an opportunity to grieve about her teenage son Dennis.

If she dont agrees on this, he threatened to take custody of the baby. Now, it looks like the ultimatum was working.

“Obviously, as a mother, she doesn’t want to leave her children, “Stanley said, referring to Karen’s six children, Chantelle, Keegan, Keanu, Bernadette, Chatham, and RileyBut she knows she’s doing the right thing for Kayden.

She couldn’t bear him to take care of him, so it’s her only choice. I “She went on to say that Karen will be most upset by leaving Keegan to fend for himself in Albert Square, as he’s been” going through a tough time “since being arrested, and as he later has his food van vandalised too”.

And he’s newly married, and things are going kind of wrong for him, so I guess she thinks he’s vulnerable, “Stanley explained, before adding that Karen will likely to return to visit on weekends especially when it comes to seeing Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), her new love interest.

“She’s not going too far, but she’s gutted. She really likes him, and it’s a new relationship, so she needs to do what she’s got to do and what ‘s best for Kayden.”


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