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Kate Ritchie’s wedding ring mystery!

Kate Ritchie is wearing her wedding ring again, but not on the normal finger, a year after allegedly separating from her ex, Stuart Webb.
The radio personality, who has previously been seen on a variety of occasions without her wedding ring, was recently pictured outside a friend’s house in Sydney, looking content and comfortable when she returned to her car after dropping off a cake.

Kate has given no indication that, despite wearing this valuable piece of jewellery, she is reunited with Stuart.

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In reality, to her six-year-old daughter, Mae, she seems to be more positive than ever with her life as a single working mum.

“Kate captioned a snap on Instagram, “I’m the luckiest mumma to ever be gifted with this beautiful soul.

In recent months, the 42-year-old has regularly shared heartwarming pictures of Mae and her enjoying their lives together on Instagram. In her feed, there was no mention of Stuart and he has disappeared from the public eye after his last appearance with Kate when they both attended the first school day of their daughter at the beginning of the year.

As the former Home and Away actor moved out of the family home, Kate and Stuart were rumoured to have separated in October 2019.

In January, Stuart narrowly escaped prison time after pleading guilty to speeding when his license was revoked after being charged with drunk driving just months earlier, despite rumors their friendship had ended.

However there were reports in April that the pair give their friendship another shot when a source told New Concept that they would be therapy together.

The friend said, “Stuart was trying to convince Kate that he’s a changed guy and is adamant about keeping his life in order.” “He’s mindful that this is his last chance.”

It seems now that Kate has gone on with her young single life. And people can’t get over the way she looks so much happier.

“Absolutely breathtaking,” one follower wrote in a recent Instagram post, commenting, “Just natural elegance.”

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