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EastEnders star Kellie Bright tells the future of The Queen Vic

The future of the famous pub in Albert Square remains uncertain, but EastEnders star Kellie Bright appears to have confirmed that the Carters will not be the owners for much longer.

Despite the reluctance of Linda Carter to sell Queen Vic to Phil Mitchell for His treatment of Sharon and Kayden ‘s baby, Kellie, has revealed that Linda and Mick, the new landlords, are set to start a “new chapter” away from the boozer of Walford.

Ahead of EastEnder ‘s latest Queen Vic twist, Kellie shared her thoughts on how Linda’s going to cope when she’s no longer a landlady, admitting that she and Mick could be “quite tough.”

“I think it could be very tough on them, and I don’t think Linda’s going to know what her role is,” she revealed. “I imagine that Mick is going to take charge of things at home and with Ollie because Linda is not a domestic goddess!

“She’s a good mom, but she’s not a homemaker, she’s never been a cook, she’s not a woman like that. She is a landlady. I think she’s going to flounder really and feel a bit lost.

Hinting at yet further uncertainty for one of the strongest couples in soapland, Kellie conceded that the new life of the Carters away from The Vic “could have an impact” on their relationship. “I think [Linda] will feel like she has no control,” she said. “I ‘m afraid it could be quite hard on them.”

Although ‘Enders viewers are certainly used to seeing the Mitchells behind the bar, Kellie says playing Linda beyond The Vic is set to be an ‘interesting’ challenge.

“I feel like it’s a new chapter. As an actor, it’s interesting to me to see what happens to those characters when they’re out of the pub,” she says. That’s why I am up for it because I know what it’s like in the pub. I know how they function.

“I don’t know their life outside of the pub, and that’s more exciting for me as an actress.”

Will the Carters thrive on Albert Square in their new lives-or will bid farewell to Queen Vic cause more harm than good?


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