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Kim Tate’s escape plan and Meena’s shocking confession are among the seven major Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

In Emmerdale, Kim Tate tells her son Jamie about her poisoner, and the two devise a plan to escape together next week, while Meena makes an unexpected confession about her past.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s going on in Emmerdale village next week…

1.Will arouses Kim’s suspicions in the first place.

Following Kim’s announcement that she is retiring, Will makes a business pitch to her next week.

Will’s motives remain a mystery to Kim.

Viewers will recall Kim catching Will fiddling with her drinks trolley just before she realized she was being poisoned by an unknown assailant.

Is it possible that Will is the one who poisoned Kim?

2. Kim and Jamie devise a plan to flee.

Next week on the ITV soap, Jamie discovers Kim’s hidden camera and interrogates her.

Kim explains to Jamie that she installed it after discovering she had been drugged.

Jamie is hurt that Kim suspects him, and he persuades her that they should both get away from Home Farm for a while.

Is Jamie trustworthy?

3. There’s a murder mystery on the loose.

When Andrea invites Charles to go camping with her and Millie, Meena is enraged.

Andrea further enrages Gabby when she visits Home Farm with her dog, Princess, to pick up Millie’s sleeping bag for the trip.

Gabby’s handbag is soiled by the dog, who takes a dislike to her and seeks vengeance.

While Andrea is talking to Millie, a mysterious figure lures Princess into the parked car and slams the door shut, leaving the dog to die.

Who was the perpetrator?

4. Nicola has a crush on Mackenzie.

Bernice listens to Nicola’s relationship woes, and Mack jokes that he’ll always be an option for her.

Mack is overjoyed when Nicola pounces on him later at the scrapyard but is everything as it seems?

5. Nicola is dumped by Jimmy

When Mandy learns that Jimmy plans to plead guilty, she is determined to persuade him otherwise.

She tries to persuade him that going to prison will not help anyone.

Nicola informs Jimmy that she will be unable to attend his plea hearing.

When Jimmy returns from the court, he pays Mandy a visit and tells her that he’s developing feelings for her that go beyond friendship.

He then informs Nicola that he is leaving and that their relationship is over.

6. Meena makes a startling admission

Next week, Meena makes a shocking confession about her past to Diane.

Because Emmerdale is keeping the details under wraps, viewers will have to tune in to find out more.

Meena recently piqued fans’ interest when she pretended to be Ethan’s mother in an attempt to reunite Manpreet with her ex-husband Charles.

What dark secret will she reveal?

7. Tracy spirals

Tracy’s mental health continues to deteriorate, and she will struggle to cope with baby Frankie’s feeding demands next week.

Nate tries to be supportive when she opens up to him, but it’s not enough.

Later, Dr. Liam inquires about Tracy’s well-being, but will she be open about how much she’s suffering?


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