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Letitia Dean can not wait for competition from EastEnders

Letitia Dean looks forward to taking on the “challenge” of shooting ‘EastEnders’ amid the coronavirus pandemic, but acknowledged the cast would be “a little excited” to get back to work.

The 52-year-old actress and her co-stars are due to be back on this month’s BBC One soap set and while she can’t wait to sink her teeth into her latest scripts, the star revealed her and her fellow Walford locals would definitely be a little tense after a three-month break due to the imposed lockout.

She said: “That will be a different way to work. “Nevertheless, I try to think of it as a positive, and challenge. It’s something different, and work outside of the usual box is fun at times, if you prefer, and I’m looking forward to it. “I ‘m sure everyone’s going to be a little nervous because you doubt everything until you take your foot off the accelerator.

“And when you return from your holiday you say, ‘Ooh, can I still do that?’ “But we’ve got some fantastic new scripts and that’s fun.” ‘EastEnders’ is currently out of the air after the soap ran out of episodes during the break but the show ended with a perfect doof moment as Letitia ‘s character Sharon Mitchell took control of the Queen Vic pub from under the nose of her alienated husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Letitia admitted she appreciated the break when the first lockdown began due to the hectic schedule of the soap but soon began to miss her co-stars. She added to the magazine Inside Soap: “I have definitely skipped seeing others.

“When you first began lockdown you felt, ‘Yeah, Well, we’re not running!’ “As we ‘re still quite busy. But instead, of course, it’s hitting you and you’re thinking, ‘Oh no. I really miss it and would like to go back.’ “I know it’s been pretty rough for me. I’ve been so involved with the series for so long and I enjoy it beyond measure and I really can’t wait to get back.”



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