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Maria Connor and Gary Windass may be reunited on Coronation Street.

In Coronation Street, Maria Connor and Gary Windass have hinted at a romantic reunion.

The former couple had a rocky start to the year, with Maria (Samia Longchambon) even suspecting Gary (Mikey North) of kidnapping Nick and Natasha’s son Sam.

Gary was lucky not to be seriously hurt when he was caught in the crossfire earlier this week. He had a reunion with Maria in Thursday’s (June 3) special 9 pm episode, which offered a ray of hope.


Maria approached Gary as he walked out onto the cobblestones, explaining that she had never believed he’d go to such lengths as to kidnap young Sam.

She apologized and said, “I’m sorry.” “I know you had nothing to do with Sam being kidnapped, but you can’t blame me if I assume the worst.”

Gary joked that Maria didn’t seem to be apologizing, so she genuinely tried to make amends by asking if he was free.

“I used to be married to this guy who used to take me out on occasion,” she joked, prompting Gary to respond, “Yeah?” He appears to be a nice guy.”

Maria retorted, “Eh, I wouldn’t go that far.”

Maria asked Gary to call her and walked away with a big grin on her face, leaving him hoping for a reconciliation.

Will Gary be able to put his dirty deeds behind him and start a new life with his estranged wife Maria?


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