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Max Bowden and Tony Clay from EastEnders say they’ve been there forgotten camera crew during the three-hour Ballum snogging scene

The actors, in their first look into Secrets From The Square, asked Stacey Dooley what it was like feeling emotional at one of the most exciting moments of the soap.

“He has very thick hair to the face,” Max said.

“We sat in the bitter cold for hours at it. We hugged for three hours.” Tony said: “After a while, you ‘re thinking, will this ever end?” Ben added: “You ‘d be getting rid of everyone else in your head and it’s just us. Sharing the reminiscent video of Max and Tony on Twitter, an EastEnders read: It began with a kiss! And one will never forget us # Ballum fans.


In BBC One’s new show, Secrets Of The Square, the Walford legends take fans behind the scenes. It will see host Stacey Dooley sitting down at Ian Beale ‘s restaurant, Walford East, each week with two different cast members to reflect on their time on the show.

The new show, Secrets From The Square, will give fans their much-needed fix of Walford ‘s finest after EastEnders ran out of episodes due to breaking in production. Starting on Monday, June 22, viewers will have a rare chance to peek behind EastEnders’ curtains and gain input from the cast into how their famous characters are portrayed.

Strictly, winner, Stacey will talk to Albert Square legends including Letitia Dean, Adam Woodyatt, Diane Parish, Tameka Empson, Danny Dyer, and Kellie Bright, just to name a few. They’ll look back on their first memories of the show over a cuppa and biscuits, the juiciest dramas to hit Walford, and tell secret behind-the-scenes stories.

Secrets From The Square will launch at 8 pm on Monday 22 June and will run on BBC One weekly.

EastEnders is set to come back to filming in late June 2020.


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