Neighbours casts former Home and Away star as new love rival for Levi Canning

Neighbours has cast former Home and Away star Jackson Gallagher as a new love rival for Levi Canning (Richie Morris).

Gallagher, who played Josh Barrett on Home and Away between 2013 and 2016, will star as a handsome newcomer named Nathan who’s set to catch Bea Nilsson’s (Bonnie Anderson) eye.

It’s currently unclear how long the actor will feature on the soap.

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According to Australia’s TV Soap, Levi will come to realise that he’s missed his opportunity with potential love interest Bea, having spent all of his time focusing on his police work and trying to keep his epilepsy under control.

The two have become good friends and continue to show romantic potential, but just as they appear to be taking things to the next level, Levi puts some distance between them.


After Levi seemingly rejects her once more, Bea loses patience and decides to let him make the first move.

Little does she know, however, that’s exactly what Levi plans to do, having finally realised that there may be something between them.


Unfortunately, by the time he realises this, he may already be too late. Just as he sets a plan in place to make a move on Bea, he spots her at Lassisters Lake, laughing and enjoying the company of Nathan (Gallagher).

Levi has no idea who he is. Nathan, on the other hand, appears to be fully aware of Bea’s previous love interest.

Has Levi missed his opportunity with Bea, or will this be kick up the backside he needs to properly pursue her?



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