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Neighbours reveals first look as Terese Willis confronts Julie Quill

Neighbours’ On UK screens next week, Terese Willis meets Julie Quill as she visits the person responsible for Josh’s death in prison.

Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie), Julie’s son, receives a startling phone call informing him that his mother wants to visit him. Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) not only encourages Jesse to see Julie (Gail Easdale), but she also intends to accompany him.

Terese is determined on chatting with Julie in upcoming scenes on Channel 5, which has her husband Paul Robinson (Stefan) concerned that his secrets may be revealed.

To summarize, Paul used the funds intended for the Quill venture to offer Nicolette Stone a million-dollar bribe in exchange for baby Isla’s safety and her promise to never return to Erinsborough. He then ruined the Quill transaction to ensure that no one knew about it.

However, David (Takaya Honda) is aware of Paul’s secret, so Paul informs him that if Jesse brings up the failed Quill investment to Julie, the truth about everything would be disclosed.

David feels terrible after grudgingly interfering to help Paul and having a manipulative talk with Jesse.

Terese comes to the prison before Jesse and speaks with Julie, the two of them discussing the hotel explosion and Josh’s untimely death. Terese gets what she wants to say to Julie’s face off her chest, which gives her some closure.

However, she is anxious because Jesse has yet to appear at the prison.

Jesse abruptly resigned from his Lassiters position and made arrangements to relocate to Sydney, Terese discovers later. She tells David about Jesse’s surprising decision, fully oblivious of David’s involvement.

When David sees how big of an impact Jesse’s departure is having on Terese, he is overcome with guilt.


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