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Neighbours’ Shane Rebecchi pushes Dipi towards Pierce with another major mistake

Neighbours will see Shane Rebecchi push Dipi further towards Pierce Greyson in upcoming episodes, as the affair storyline continues.

In scenes airing in the UK next week, Dipi (Sharon Johal) tries to put Pierce (Tim Robards) out of her mind and instead focus on her marriage with Shane (Nicholas Coghlan).

However, wanting to support Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) through a difficult period as Ned Willis (Ben Hall) confesses regarding Scarlett Brady’s disappearance, she gets frustrated when Shane is nowhere to be seen.

In response, Dipi finds Pierce – but she is caught off-guard when she learns that he is naming a wine after Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly).

Shane learns from Yashvi that Scarlett’s journal may offer a path towards proving Ned’s innocence. Shane goes to the police station wanting to help, but Levi Canning (Richie Morris) rejects his request to look at the journal, which is being held in an evidence bag.

Briefly left alone, Shane reaches for the journal but gets found out, leading him to potentially face a charge of tampering with evidence. Dipi is furious when she finds out what has happened.

There is also increased tension between Pierce and Chloe later in the week. When Pierce presents Chloe with the wine that he has named after her, Chloe is unhappy that the wine is named ‘Chloe Greyson’ when she kept her maiden name.

The pair argue, as Chloe expresses that she feels Pierce is marking his territory.

Meanwhile, Dipi is further angry with Shane following another uncomfortable conversation.

Dipi and Pierce meet up again. Frustrated by their respective marriages, they continue their affair…


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