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Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix’s cancer worries cause him to act out


On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, a health scare causes Hendrix to drown his sorrows, leading to him putting Roxy in danger. Will he see sense and go see a doctor before he self-distructs?


Hendrix (Benny Turland) paid a visit to the pop-up testicular cancer testing business – ‘TestiTime’ – which landed in Erinsborough as part of the ‘Shorts and Briefs’ film festival towards the end of last week’s Australian episodes.

The van has a unique feature: a screen that allows the personnel to rapidly assess the boys without exposing them to the humiliation of a face-to-face test.

It’s a means of enticing more males to come forward who might otherwise be too afraid or humiliated to do so. If anything unusual is discovered, you should be referred to a doctor for a more thorough examination.\

Karl (Alan Fletcher) pushed the kid to visit the van, but Susan wisely advised him to do it when Karl wasn’t on duty.

While Hendrix was originally hesitant, believing that he was a low-risk patient, Karl explained that the cancer is most typically diagnosed in young guys.

Hendrix decided to stop by on his way to the Shorts & Briefs festival, but he got a lot more than he bargained for.

The doctor informed him that he had discovered a lump. He indicated that it may be a benign cyst or obstructed tubes, but he advised Hendrix to schedule an appointment with his GP as soon as possible to rule out either possibility.

Hendrix kept the news to himself but was visibly subdued at the film festival, and Karl and Mackenzie were taken aback by his unwillingness to stay for a celebration drink afterward. In actuality, he was worried about what he’d just learned.

Hendrix starts to stress out this week.

He decides not to see his doctor. He doesn’t see the point because he’s already certain he has cancer.

It doesn’t take long for his paranoia to get the best of him, and he starts to believe he’s dying. He loses his calm and pushes people closest to him away as he keeps his thoughts to himself.

His anxiety prompts him to act out in episodes starting Monday, September 27th. According to TV Week, he entices Roxy (Zima Anderson) to a night out in order to distract himself from his health concerns, and the party-loving girl readily agrees.

The night out, however, does not go as planned. Hendrix is a heavy drinker who continues to drink long after he should have quit.

He’ll be blind drunk and tossed out of the bar before long, and Roxy will have to bring him outside into the fresh air. Rather than taking it as a hint that he should go home, he is adamant about continuing the night.

He dashes around the back and tries to sneak back into the club before Roxy can stop him.

She yanks on his arm, attempting to drag him home and prevent him from doing something dumb. He refuses to listen and slams his fist into her, knocking her to the ground. She twists her foot and hits her head on a beer keg in the process.

When Kyle (Chris Milligan) finds out what has transpired, he is furious. He approaches Hendrix, enraged that he put Roxy at risk due to his inebriation.

The confrontation serves as a wake-up call for Hendrix. He realizes he needs to talk to someone and seeks Kyle’s help, telling him about what the doctor told him.

He acknowledges that he’s only been considering the worst-case scenario, but his anxiety is preventing him from having a test to validate his suspicions. Meanwhile, he’s lost interest in everything else – school is no longer important when he believes he only has a few weeks to live.

He even pushes Mackenzie away, unable to bear the prospect of informing her that he may be suffering from cancer. He’s terrified of having to say goodbye to his sweetheart for good.

Will Kyle be able to persuade Hendrix to take another test and finally learn the truth about his diagnosis?


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