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Neighbours spoilers: Terese devastated by the shock exit

Over the last few weeks, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has grown too close to Jesse (Cameron Robbie). A little too close for comfort. She’s begun to see him as a surrogate son, which has brought back all of her grief over Josh’s death, and things are only going to get worse in Neighbours.

She and Paul (Stefan Dennis) discovered a spy in their midst – Jesse – who was passing information to their hotelier competitors a few weeks ago. Worse was to come when they discovered Jesse was the son of Julie Quill, the woman who had been responsible for the Lassiters explosion that had killed her son Josh all those years before.

Terese has taken Jesse under her wing since then, and since he attempted to right his wrong. They’ve gotten closer and closer, to the point where Terese made an embarrassing slip of the tongue and called him Josh. It’s gradually become clear that she’s grown too attached to Jesse.

This is all a set-up for Terese’s next move: she decides it’s time to confront her arch-enemy and plans to pay a visit to Julie, her son’s killer. Paul is concerned that this will raise questions about the failed investment (and thus expose his deception), so he tries to stop her, but Terese is only interested in getting answers.

Terese arrives at the prison while Paul confesses the rest of his crimes to David because he needs someone to help him protect his lies and David devises a plan to save his family. She’s taken aback when she sees Julie for the first time – this is the woman who kidnapped her family.

With nowhere else to go, the two women take a seat and face the elephant in the room: the hotel explosion. Terese finally gets to say what she’s been thinking about since Josh’s death, and she feels relieved. Jesse, on the other hand, hasn’t shown up when he was supposed to.

When she gets out of prison, she goes in search of Jesse, only to find out that he has resigned. He’s made the decision to leave and travel to Sydney. Terese is heartbroken, and she doesn’t understand why he would abandon her after they’ve grown so close.

She goes to David to vent, but she has no idea he’s hiding something – he’s the reason Jesse is leaving town, and it’s all to keep Paul from discovering the truth and destroying their family. Will a befuddled Terese be able to figure out the truth?


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