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Nina is tragically self-harming as she struggles to cope, according to spoilers from Coronation Street.

Nina Lucas of Coronation Street has been through a lot recently, what with being involved in a sadistic hate crime attack and losing her boyfriend, Seb Franklin – and it’s clear she’s having trouble coping as she resorts to self-harm.

Nina Lucas of Coronation Street will face even more tragedy next week as she tries to cope with her mounting losses.

Nina has been grieving for her late boyfriend Seb Franklin since she was involved in a brutal attack led by Corey Brent and his gang.

And things got even worse when Seb’s mother, Abi, appeared to blame Nina for the attack because of her appearance.

Nina ditched her Goth clothes and makeup after the attack, consumed by guilt, and switched to more “normal” attire, but Abi brought a bag of Nina’s dresses to apologize for the way she’d treated the teenager on Monday’s episode.

“Like you,” Abi told her at the time, “Seb would want you in the front row.”


As she packed a bag of Seb’s belongings to place with him in the coffin and sat by his side in the funeral parlour talking to him and reminiscing on what she remembered of his childhood, the mother’s heart had been broken by the loss of her son.

Despite her attendance at the funeral, Nina is clearly struggling, as she finally admits to ex-girlfriend Asha that she can’t stop blaming herself for Seb’s death.

While Asha, Abi, and Nina have been working to bring Corey to justice, the aftermath of the hate crime has sent shockwaves throughout the neighborhood.

Nina will finally self-destruct next Friday.

Summer has been struggling to sleep and eat since she tagged along with the gang at the start of their evening, so Billy and Roy ask Nina to speak with her and give her some sound advice.

Summer escaped before the attack, but she’s clearly still haunted by guilt, which has her family concerned.

Nina snaps at her regardless, emphasizing the magnitude of her own loss and making Summer feel terrible.

Nina walks into the corner store and steals a bottle of vodka while Dev is distracted. She suggests they all have a drink in an ill-advised attempt to make amends with Summer.
Nina cuts herself while clearly inebriated, but she refuses help and instead heads out on her own, leaving Summer and Asha in a panic.


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