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Nina Lucas’ life on Coronation Street has taken a tragic turn since Seb’s death.

Nina Lucas of Coronation Street will be in a dark place next week as she tries to cope with the tragic death of Seb Franklin by turning to alcohol.

Nina confides in Asha Alahan about her feelings following Seb’s funeral, admitting that she can’t stop blaming herself for what happened to Seb and Corey Brent’s gang.

Nina is advised by Billy Mayhew and Roy Cropper to speak with Summer Spellman about her feelings, as Summer has been having difficulty sleeping and eating since Seb’s death.

Nina snaps at Summer, unable to find any solace, pointing out the magnitude of her own loss in comparison. Summer is depressing.

Later, while Dev Alahan is distracted, Nina calls into the corner shop and steals a bottle of vodka. Nina suggests that they all have a drink with the alcohol she took to make amends with Summer.

Nina then cuts herself, clearly inebriated. Nina’s friends try to help, but she refuses and leaves Summer and Asha worried.

Nina knocks back the rest of the bottle in the ginnel, desperate to blot out her grief – will she be okay?


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