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Now To LoveTim Franklin spills on the shock Home And Away 2020 finale

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Franklin spills on tonight’s explosive Home And Away finale, and fans better hold on to their couch cushions because it’s going to be HUGE

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The time we’ve been waiting for is finally here, so much so that we can almost taste the salty sea air of Summer Bay.
That’s right, the Home And Away final is scheduled to air tonight and it promises to bring waves of passion and drama, resulting in a single ending of shock.
After his traumatic conviction and the shock exposed by Witness X, with Colby behind bars, he found himself stuck with the same offenders he put there.
We’ll see Colby pacing the prison in tonight’s season finale as he is surrounded by a crew of prisoners. They remember his face… it’s one they’re never going to overlook.

The actor who portrays Colby Thorne, Tim Franklin, speaks to Now To Love ahead of the dramatic season finale tonight, pouring over all the excitement that’s about to unravel.
“I knew when Colby decided to kill Ross that that drama was like… they let it rest and they let it rest for a long time I knew it was on the back-burner and I knew it was going to come around like a cheeky little storyline boomerang,” he says with a grin.
“I knew something was coming, but I didn’t know how they were going to write it.”
Colby may be maintaining a confident face behind bars, but Tim says that for the ex-cop, the truth may not be further from that.
“He isn’t coping well. He always knew it was a possibility to end up in that environment.”
“We filmed it at an actual prison, which meant not a lot of acting was required, the place had such an intense energy.”
Yet Colby is continually on the verge, one word away from people finding out he’s an officer, life-threatening in a facility like that,”But Colby is constantly on edge, he’s one word away from people finding out he’s a cop, in a facility like that it’s life-threatening,”

Fans were ripped over the plot of Colby and whether he deserves to be behind bars for murdering Ross.
What does Tim say, then?
“Lets be honest, Ross was a piece of work. He killed his parents, he kidnapped his sister and wife the day after his wedding, kidnapped his sister for most of his life.”
“I don’t even know what Tim would do in that situation! If someone killed my parents I can’t be certain as to what I would do.”
“I’m not saying his actions are justified, violence is the last thing that any of us should do but I think Colby was dealt a very hard hand and he just had to play it in the end.”
As for the final episode tonight, Tim reveals he didn’t even see what was coming.
“I was really shocked,” he teases.

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