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On the set of Home and Away, a Big Brother contestant was sighted.

Daniel ‘Danny’ Hayes of Big Brother is no stranger to the camera, as seen by a video of him on A Current Affair that leaked while he was in the house.

Now it appears he’s preparing for another another appearance on television, this time for an Australian soap opera.

Daniel wrote on Instagram Stories, “Getting ready for my first appearance on… Home and Away,” with the hashtag #onsethomeandaway.

Danny is posing for the camera while standing behind the famed Summer Bay Diner, holding a coffee cup.

On location!

While Danny hasn’t said much about the photo, it’s reasonable to presume he’s just visiting the set of Home and Away, which is housed in Channel 7’s Sydney studios.

Unless, of course, a Big Brother/Home and Away crossover is on the way?

If that’s the case, Danny’s experience in front of the camera will come in handy, and we’re not just talking about his time in the Big Brother house.

Is Danny relocating to Summer Bay from the Big Brother house?

Danny was featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair in July of last year for failing to wear a face mask while crossing the Queensland border from Melbourne during the state-wide lockdown.

“Right now, we all feel Victorians’ pain, and we all pay a price for breaking lockdowns and border closures; unless you’re a cocky Victorian real estate agent who decided to travel to Queensland for new motorcycle tyres and managed to persuade a careless cop to let him cross the border,” A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw said.

The piece went on to say that as Daniel approached the border, he persuaded the authorities to let him through on “compassionate grounds” because he required new tyres, despite the fact that he was traveling from Geelong, Victoria.

Danny has his own YouTube account as well.

Danny, who operates the Million Dollar Bogan YouTube channel, also shot everything himself.

He videotaped himself and uploaded the video to his YouTube page, saying: “I need to cross the border as soon as possible. I’m going to crack the s—-s if I don’t get across the border. Most likely, you’ll get arrested.”

Danny told A Current Affair that he had no regrets about the whole affair.

“No, I had a lot of fun. It felt great to get free before we were locked up again “he stated


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