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Penny McNamee & Ditch Davey reveal what it’s really like filming those steamy scenes on Home & Away

It’s the sizzling Summer Bay romance that fans can’t get enough of, and the actors behind the characters are raising the lid on what it was really like to film the make-out scene as Tori and Christian ‘s relationship continues to heat up on Home And Away.


Penny McNamee and Ditch Davey admitted during an appearance on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show on Thursday morning that filming their now notorious kissing scene in real life was nowhere near as sexy.

The experienced experts, in truth, insisted that it was actually very scientific.
“It’s two minutes on the computer, but you’ve been shooting it for over an hour or so … there’s a lot of work going on in a scene like that,” explained Penny, who plays Tori Morgan, a love-struck doctor.

Ditch Davey and Penny McNamee play Christian and Tori on the show

“First before we move on, there’s a lot of dialog between us. And Ditch was nice talking to me to clarify what I was comfortable with, what both our limits were,” she said.

I think it’s very important because we didn’t know each other that well, so you need to create confidence to be able to say a story like that … And I think we did. We worked really well together, “explained Ditch, who plays Dr Christian Green, the top neurosurgeon of Summer Bay.”

Although acting out such an intimate scene at the best of times can be overwhelming, with a closed set, the two stars were put at ease.

“It’s two minutes on screen but you film it for over an hour or so… there’s a lot of work that goes into a scene like that.”

We had a closed set. At first, it was just us two and [director] Lynn [Hergarty], just figuring out what the choreography was, “explained Penny, who shares two kids with husband Matt Tooker.”

When Kylie Gillies, the host of the Morning Show, asked how many takes it took to capture the perfect picture, Ditch and Penny were in panic as they admitted that they were constantly put through their paces.
“There were a few,” said Ditch.

Penny chuckled, “Lynn kept needing more camera angles, and we were like, ‘More?'”

In order to find her happily ever after on the show, fans have long campaigned for single mum Tori and it looks like Dr Green might be that special person.

She just got seduced. This man came in, old Tori Morgan, and she just went a little weak at the knees. I feel like all the ladies on the show did, it wasn’t just me, “the actress mirrored the thrilling new crush of her character.”

The chemistry between these two is undeniable.

“We’re proud of the story we’re telling, I think. It looks amazing and we’ve told the story well, I think,” Ditch said.

Tonight, the first official date for Tori and Christian will be seen and Penny indicates that things will not go to the couple’s schedule.

There’s a bit of a drama and then he has to woo her back. It’s the beginning of the relationship … they’ve had a hot steamy moment and now they’re going to go out and have a proper date, which is great, “said the 37-year-old.” I think Christian stands Tori up [tonight] …

As to whether the romance between Tori and Christian will be able to go the way, Ditch remains hopeful.

“I hope so. We’re working very well together. But the relationship goes on, we’re going to tell the story very well,” said the 48-year-old.


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