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Power Book 2’s Cooper Saxe star speaks out on Saxe and Maclean spin-off: ‘Firmly believe’

Cooper Saxe has struck rock bottom in POWER BOOK 2: GHOST, but will there be more focus on him in the future?

Last month, the second season of Power Book II: Ghost premiered, following the story of Tariq St Patrick once more (played by Michael Rainey Jr). Since the start of the Starz spin-off, he’s created a lot of enemies, notably defense attorney Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson).

And, once again, Tariq triumphed over Saxe, sending him into a downward spiral in the season one conclusion.

Saxe was determined to put dubious club owner James “Ghost” St Patrick (Omari Hardwick) behind jail in the original Power series.

The attorney, however, never had the opportunity to do so because he was slain by his own son.

Since then, he has been desperate to see Tariq punished for his actions, but his tunnel vision for seeing the boy punished has gotten in the way.

Saxe was dismissed in the season one finale of Power Book II, which drove him to drink.

Power: Will there be a Saxe and Maclean spin-off? (Image: STARZ)
Power: Davis Maclean was introduced as Tasha’s lawyer. (Image: STARZ)

This is when Davis Maclean (Method Man), a fellow lawyer, steps in and gives Saxe a way out.

“It’s dreadful for Saxe,” actor Shane Johnson said of his character Saxe’s condition to He’s just attempting to drown his sorrows in liquor and accept the idea of working with his family, who regard Cooper as a ridiculous joke.

“Working with the family would be admitting defeat, so when Maclean approaches, it is a way to live to fight another day!

“I feel the dynamic between these two characters is fantastic and my scenes with Method Man are some of my favourites.”

Power: Cooper Saxe is played by actor Shane Johnson. (Image: GETTY)

Power: Saxe and Maclean have been working together to take down Tariq. (Image: STARZ)

When the first season of Power ended, creator Courtney Kemp and executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson weren’t shy about talking about the show’s future.

There will be plenty more in the form of four new spin-off shows, they said.

Power Book II: Ghost was the first, followed by the prequel Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Power Book IV: Force, featuring Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, will premiere next year, followed by Power Book V: Influence, centered on Councilman Tate (Larenz Tate).

While Kemp hasn’t confirmed any additional spin-off projects, actor Johnson believes another series centered on Saxe and Maclean may be developed.

When asked about appearing in any of the other spin-offs, Johnson explained: “I certainly hope Saxe pops up in other spin-offs. That would be so much fun.

“Working with Joe Sikora again would be so gratifying.


“As to getting my own spin-off? I firmly believe that Saxe and Maclean could have a spin-off together.

“One which really challenges the lengths to which they will bend the law to suit their needs and one which questions their motives and keeps them at odds with one another as they seek their respective self-serving goals,” Johnson added.

In the United Kingdom, Power Book II will resume on Sunday, December 12 on Starz and Starzplay.

Apart from the fact that it’s called Gettin’ These Ends, no more information about episode four has been provided.


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