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Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe reality revealed and other soap spoilers

Struggle to keep track of the constant stream drama spoilers? Don’t be scared, as every Monday Digital Spy picks the largest and best storylines hitting the screens in the week ahead.

1. Coronation Street: Geoff’s secret is revealed

The effort by Alya to deny Geoff access to Number 6 is thwarted when the police force her to hand over the keys.

Once inside the property, Geoff attempts to delete the footage from his secret camera, only to get caught in the act of Tim. Can Geoff think of an excuse for that?

Geoff ‘s web of deception continues to unravel as Imran questions his bank statements for frequent visits to the bar, and Yasmeen reveals that her husband was visiting prostitutes.

But Alya ‘s hopes of using evidence against Geoff are dashed when Yasmeen insists that she will plead guilty.

Alya quickly exposes Sally and Tim to Geoff’s sordid secret, but he claims to have hired hookers because Yasmeen denied having sex.

Sally’s disgusted, but Tim’s reckons it proves that Yasmeen had a motive. This encourages Geoff to go to the police, leaving Alya fearing she was playing In his hands.

More truths come to light as Yasmeen discloses that Geoff has given her a STI, and Alya makes a last plea to her gran to expose him to court.

2. Emmerdale: Andrea exacts her revenge

Devasted after learning Jamie plans to leave her for Belle, Andrea is determined to bring down the cheating pair. Leyla is roped into her plan of vengeance and gets to work by pocketing Belle’s mobile ahead of the Woolpack quiz.

As locals gather in the pub, they ‘re shocked when the quiz screen is filled with a display of Jamie and Belle ‘s Privacy texts.

Playing a part of it to perfection, Andrea makes it out that she had no idea that her husband was cheating on her, and that she was fleeing the scene. Jamie turns on Belle and blames her for making her messages public.

Returning home, the shamed vet discovers that Andrea had made a runner with Millie, leaving behind all her possessions.

3. EastEnders: Ben in deadly danger

Ben has a Day from hell on Monday ‘s visit to the Square, told entirely from his point of view, with limited audio for his hearing difficulties.

Things get off to a poor start when Ben shows Phil the gun he ‘s got for his work, and his exasperated dad bans him from getting involved.

Ben storms off and winds up rowing with Jay, who tells him that Lola had an abortion—listed it as part of the reason for her decision.

Enraged at the revelation, Ben drags Lola out of the salon, pressuring her to confess that she was sleeping with Peter.

While giving Lola a piece of his mind, Ben drowns his sorrows in Prince Albert, and when he sees a van with Danny and Phil’s tails.

Worried over what’s happening, Ben follows them to the warehouse. He’s making an alarming discovery. And as events spiral out of control, Phil ‘s son has a gun pointing to his head.

4. Hollyoaks: Sylver meets his secret daughter

Mercedes and Sylver were never happier, as they were plan to renew their wedding vows at The Dog, unaware that their long-lost daughter Cher watches them from afar.

The feisty teen proves she’s a complete chip off the McQueen block as she flirts with Romeo to access the event.

While inside the pub, Cher sneaks upstairs and is caught by Warren, who’s wrong with Sylver.

Foxy denies knowing his mate, but Cher isn’t buying it and gatecrashes the ceremony, stunning everyone with the announcement that she is the true child of Sylver.


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