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‘Rekindle their romance’ Home and Away star Sam Frost and her ex-boyfriend Dave Bashford

In July, after three years of dating, Home and Away star Sam Frost and her boyfriend Dave Bashford called it quits.

But it seems the pair have rekindled their relationship, as they have been spotted in recent weeks enjoying the company of each other.

The 31-year-old actress has been on Instagram sharing her daily catch-ups.

Sam captioned one post, ‘Swimming lessons with Greg,’ which showed her wading into the ocean while carrying the dog she shares with the defense worker.

Another post posted days earlier showed Sam, Greg and Dave with his brother, Chris, enjoying a walk around Sydney.

She wrote, ‘Fun time with my Bashy Babes.

Back in September, Sam told TV Week that even after their split, Dave still holds a special place in her heart.

‘Dave’s a great guy, and that will never change,’ she said.

‘It was not a hideous or messy break-up; it was just two people who loved each other dearly as friends, and we vowed to take care of each other.’

Before concluding things with Dave, Sam went through two public splits: the first was with Blake Garvey in 2014, and the second was with Sasha Mielczarek in 2016.

Sam said, unlike those break-ups, that this time she didn’t care for any media backlash.

‘Dave is one of my best friends, and we always support each other for my sake, so it was easy. We knew a lot of speculation was going on,’ she said.


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