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Rekindled love, an ambush, and surprising business deals: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers




This week on Home and Away, a number of relationships are on the verge of breaking up. After Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) wakes up in the hospital, Bella (Courtney Miller) tries to reconcile with him, but his severe rejection leaves her stunned — their roles have now been reversed! Meanwhile, Jasmine (Sam Frost) is fed up with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) pursuing her after he snooped on her past, but he has another plan…

As Tane suffers from his heartbreak and Ziggy realizes she forgives Dean after nearly losing him, the love triangle between Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), Tane (Ethan Browne), and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) appears to be coming to an end. Is there a second opportunity for the aging couple to live happily ever after?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday, September 20.

Ryder reluctantly accompanies Chloe to touch footy

Ryder makes it his duty to cheer up Chloe, who is down in the dumps because her mother is still in the hospital. He makes her a cup of coffee and tells her about all the things he could do to spoil her. However, after some sound counsel from Alf, Ryder changes his mind and asks her what she wants to do. Chloe reveals she wants to be a member of Cash’s touch football squad, much to his dismay. Despite his best efforts to prevent it, he realizes that if he wants to support his fiancée, he has no choice…

John offers to buy the garage so Justin can keep his business

Justin has been looking for a new company location since learning that his landlord has decided to sell the property. His viewings haven’t gone well so far, and his attitude takes a turn for the worse when his lawyer confirms that he won’t be collecting the money Susie stole anytime soon. However, John steps in and offers to buy the garage, allowing him to lease it to Justin in its current condition. Leah is on board, but Justin isn’t so sure about combining business and friendship…

Bella is ambushed by Ryder, Roo, and Martha

Martha has lately come up with a fundraising concept, but she needs the help of local artists to make it a reality. Ryder suggests Bella, and he goes out of his way to find her without telling her what he’s looking for, hoping that the endeavor will divert her from her worries over Nikau. Bella, on the other hand, is ambushed by Ryder and forced to attend a meeting with Roo and Martha that she did not request. They ask for her assistance with the exhibition, but Bella isn’t quite ready to put down her camera…


Jasmine is unimpressed by Cash’s fake injury

Cash has enraged Jasmine after she learned he snooped on her to learn about her relationship with Robbo. She avoids him until she shows up at a tense footy session to find out he’s the one in charge. Cash persuades her to play to make up the numbers after she stalks away, but she does so in a clumsy manner. When Cash strains his ankle, she mentions that she is a nurse and that she will accompany him to the hospital to ice it. However, it quickly becomes clear that he is faking the whole affair… Has he just aggravated the situation?

Mia struggles with the aftermath of her miscarriage

Mia is heartbroken after learning she’s miscarried following the tragic automobile accident she was in, and the second baby loss has caused her to withdraw from Ari. Ari tries to help Mia once she is discharged, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Mia feels frosty towards Ari at home, and the situation worsens when she realizes he has removed the ultrasound photo from the fridge. She accuses him of trying to ignore everything that has transpired…

Tane rages at Bella over Nikau in the hospital

Tane is dealing with his first significant heartbreak after learning that he can’t be with Ziggy since she has affection for Dean. The reality of his new circumstances begins to wear on him when he discovers through the grapevine that she is constantly by Dean’s side in the hospital. When he goes to see Nikau, he is irritated to see Bella there and takes his rage out on her, blaming her for Nikau’s hospitalization. Ari arrives just in time to save his brother and compel him to return home, but has he already done too much damage?

Dean notices potential for Logan and Mackenzie

Dr. Logan Bennett, a newcomer who was called in via air ambulance to save Dean’s life during the vehicle accident, was just introduced to Mackenzie. She owes him thanks for saving her brother, but when they run into each other, it’s evident they’re attracted to each other. Logan pays a visit to Dean in the hospital, and Mackenzie is also present – and Dean quickly sees the pair’s strange banter. Does he imply that the doctor is interested in Mackenzie, but is she ready for fresh love after her messy separation with Ari?

Ziggy finds her way back to Dean and forgives him

Tane and Ziggy had broken up after Ziggy discovered she still has emotions for Dean. Tane has realized that despite their kiss at Bella’s exhibition and Ziggy’s falsehoods in order to visit him, he will never be the one for her. When Jasmine senses Ziggy is having trouble, she gives her some straightforward advice: if you want to be with Dean, go be with him.

Ziggy realizes she forgives him for what happened with Colby after the trauma of nearly losing him in the crash and goes to see him in a hospital to say – she’s all in…


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