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Review of Home and Away: Ziggy spills the beans about the murder of Ross, so another human learns



The big guns are carried out by Home and Away and not the weapons of Tane, while they are there, but a slow-motion shot of a brick crashing through the window, and Ziggy blurts out details of the murder of dead Ross. Oh, the drama!

The Paracas and Mac are all very deprived of sleep because they take turns waiting for the baddies that might emerge at any moment.

Tane is in his element because he loves the terms “honor” and “family security.”

By telling the bad guys that the van isn’t coming back and he doesn’t have the money, he gets on his phone and makes it worse, so they need to find a way to fix things.

When a brick is hurled through the window with a note attached to it, a very neatly written note, Tane happens to be on guard.

Tane escapes from his own house in broad daylight to meet the creep and the baseball batman.

For Tane, they’ve got another job.

The head creep maintains that “no drugs” will exist, which means that if Ari crashes the party, there will certainly be drugs.

Surprisingly, Ari is on board and the brothers are shaking hands and getting ready for their “last task” and making sure they’re not caught.

Ari informs Mac that he’s going fishing, also known as going out of town to pick up a lot of drugs, and wants Nikau to stay healthy with her.

She’s really worried that he’s going to get ambushed and end up in jail again because there’s a criminal record for all the people in this town.

So Mac comes home to Ziggy, her roomie, and begins venting. Ziggy, though, doesn’t listen to all because she’s too concerned about her feelings and drops a major one.

Ziggy blurts out, “Colby is guilty of murder and Dean helped cover it up.”

But it’s a Tuesday night cliffhanger classic. Mac is Witness X?

John has been separated from Maz for a couple of weeks, and with the aid of a dating app, he’s already searching for his next love interest.

In case someone has been living on the moon and hasn’t seen a dating app before, it’s an unusually long scene of John setting up his profile.

He’s the Smoulder! Ryder says, saying that John is much too old to be on the Tinder equivalent.

When Ryder dished out his relationship advice despite his lack of experience on the topic, I used to think it was a joke, but it comes up so much, I think even he feels he has a knack for it.

“They all do a bit of embellishment,” Ryder tells John.

So in his lifeguard regalia, John dresses up and they embark on a fully-fledged photo shoot. It’s the most entertaining thing John has seen in months.

Justin is in the hospital, already giving birth to his tumor.

But Doctor Budget McDreamy is here to save the day, aka Christian, the world’s greatest neurosurgeon (probably).

They do more testing, and it hardly comes as a surprise that, even though he has radiotherapy, the tumor is not diminishing as much as they might anticipate.

He needs another operation, but Christian wants him to remain hospitalized until he can operate on the swelling.

Like he normally does, Justin hesitates because he feels death is better than being in a hospital.

Just to be clear, if you do nothing, this will cause permanent damage to your spinal cord, Budget McDreamy says.

But Justin is the most stubborn person in the world and does not care, going against the doctor’s advice and choosing to wait at home for the surgery.

Budget McDreamy says, “We’re talking about possible paraplegia,” stressing how dangerous it is.

But Justin does one better, trying to keep it a secret from Tori before baby Gracie’s birthday is over, because the world revolves around that baby, and Justin seems to have forgotten that he did the secret thing with Tori not so long ago.

Leah sighs and says, “He ‘s getting the operation, let’s be happy about it,” and she can’t believe she’s always like that with a dud.


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