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Sally Metcalfe of Coronation Street sinks further into Debbie Webster’s trap after Geoff’s conflict.

Tonight (November 6), Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe proceeds to make major plans for the future as she spreads the news that she will leave the cobbles.

In her current tensions with her wicked father-in-law Geoff, Sally (Sally Dynevor) has promised to wave goodbye to the Highway.

After deception by Debbie Webster, who is part of Ray Crosby’s plans to get the bulldozers into the driveway, audiences have already seen Sally making her shocking decision.

Sally discusses her plans with her friend Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) after Friday night’s double bill.

Abi is dismayed to learn that Sally should move on and attempts to remind her of all the things she enjoys about street life.

Sally explains that she just can’t afford to live next door to Geoff anymore, considering the good facets.

After, when Sally announces that the full asking price for Number 4 has been given to her and Tim, Debbie encourages her to consider it. Sally’s going to listen?

Recently, Sue Devaney, who plays Debbie, spoke to maiil.com and other media about the participation of her character in Ray’s scheme.

“She added, “Debbie believes she’s doing it for someone else’s sake. She thinks it will make the lives of people happier if she does this. She doesn’t do everything from a point of:’ Mwahaha, I’m going to ruin all the Corrie houses!’

Since Debbie comes from the city, she feels she’s going to do so much better now than she is. I don’t believe she’s mindful of the implications for people who’ve spent all their lives there. She goes in and rips down an area.



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