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Sarah and Carla Barlow of Coronation Street have a bitter feud.

Sarah and Carla Barlow of Coronation Street resort to insulting each other tonight (June 4) over Peter’s transplant hopes.

Sarah has persuaded her husband Adam (Samuel Robertson) to abandon plans to be tested as a potential living liver donor for Peter.

Adam was initially enthusiastic about the idea, but after Sarah pointed out the dangers, he changed his mind.

This advice comes back to haunt Sarah in Friday’s episode, as Carla (Alison King) is not impressed with her intervention.

Carla accuses Sarah of sabotaging everything in order to avenge herself for sleeping with Adam the previous year.

Sarah denies it, claiming that the real issue is that Peter (Chris Gascoyne) is a hopeless case and that the transplant would be pointless.

Sarah’s cheap remarks about Peter’s alcoholism sour the mood even more, but Carla isn’t afraid to fight dirty and retaliates.

Sarah’s actress, Tina O’Brien, recently told Maiil.onnline and other outlets: “Sarah is a tyrant when it comes to it! Her emotions are quite strong. Carla informed her, and therein lies the issue. Sarah appears to be feeling left out of the conversation, and Carla appears to know more than she does.

“Her husband has agreed to proceed with these rather invasive tests, and I believe she feels betrayed. If I’m being honest, she’s not overly concerned about the situation.

“‘This is a very bad idea, and I don’t believe you should be doing this,’ she responds. Don’t do it because you’re young, healthy, and have your whole life ahead of you. Peter is going to get drunk again and will require a new liver!'”


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