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SAS Australia stars Candice Warner and Firass Dirani enjoy a day out on a luxury boat

On the reality show juggernaut, SAS Australia host Firass Dirani was greeted with ridicule from his co-stars.

But the 36-year-old proved to be a close friend of Candice Warner, 35 when the two met on Monday to shoot a segment for Sunrise.

Candice and Firass seemed like old friends, far from the abysmal surroundings of the bleak camp, as they fooled around with each other.

Along with Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac and Home and Away’s Sarah Roberts and Ethan Browne, the couple took a boat trip to Sydney Harbour.

With her dressed in a graphic Canary yellow mini-dress which flaunted her slim pins, Candice looked high-glam.

She completed the look by sporting a little Lady Dior handbag with top handles and strappy black heels.

For the outing, the former ironwoman went for a glossy beauty look with a light bronzer and heavy eye makeup.

In the meantime, by wearing a light blue long-sleeve tee, blue jeans and a pair of chunky runners, cheeky Firass kept his casual look cool.

A pair of semi-transparent sunglasses completed his look.

Home and Away star Sarah Roberts and co-star Ethan Browne were also on the flight.

For the outing, the actress wore a blue-and-white floral jumpsuit paired with a tan-hued tote bag and a couple of boots.

Sarah, down below her shoulders, got her raven locks down.

Firass once again found himself in hot water after last week’s episode of SAS Australia.

Candice was ‘abducted’ during a ‘mission’ and Firass took it upon himself to abandon his squad to attempt to save her single-handedly.

Firass armed himself with a metal rod after landing back at the base camp and rushed into the sleeping quarters to free Candice from her captors.

His irresponsible behaviour left the DS (directing staff) of the show angry, especially after he poked the metal rod at Ollie Ollerton.

Oi!-Oi! Keep the f**koff me, you f**king d**head! ‘Ollie screamed.

‘Give me the pole for f**king, p***k. What do you do? ‘Jason Fox asked.

Firass clarified that he was going back to rescue Candice, leaving the DS shocked when they asked the other recruits where they were.

Yeah, I’d recommend you f**king put at least two of you next time you do something f**king heroic like that. And don’t carry a five-foot f**king picket to a gun battle,’ Jason said.

Through his often belligerent behaviour on the reality TV program, Firass has taken his teammates and viewers offside.

Last week, Merrick Watts told The Kyle and Jackie O Show that the cast pleaded with the directing personnel (DS) to interfere or withdraw Firass.

‘There’s no real room for someone not to play a team game, you have to take care of people… Firass is very arrogant, he is very self-involved, and it began to influence the band,’ explained the comedian.

After a shared agreement, Merrick said the remaining recruits agreed to express their fury to the DS about the actor’s actions.

‘I had to go as a service recruit, everyone decided to go and approach the DS to talk about Firass and we had an open conversation with him, and after that, he was better,’ he said.

In Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, meanwhile, Merrick explained how when Firass went missing during the squad assignment, the entire cast was in utter shock.

We stopped and went simply ‘no, this is a trap!’ The group decided we wanted to speak to DS about Firass and the fact that we felt he was putting us all at risk,’ he explained.

Merrick said that when they called for him to be excluded from the course, it was a ‘full-on and ‘confronting’ ultimatum put to Firass.



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