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Sharon Watts anxious to get Ian Beale out of the Vic after Kathy speaks about the scam, EastEnders spoilers:

In EastEnders next week, HARON Watts will become more desperate to drive Ian Beale out of the Vic.

Ian’s mother, Kathy, would give Sharon yet more justification to boot Ian out when she informs her that she fraudulently remortgaged her cafe and booted him out of his own house.

EastEnders fans realize that after murdering her son Dennis during the soap’s anniversary boat accident, Ian used Max Branning’s money to purchase the Vic for Sharon.

During his divorce from Rainie, Ian was supposed to be holding Max’s money to avoid her getting her hands on it, and found himself in hot water after Max demanded it back with interest.

With Max’s threats escalating, Ian committed theft last month on the soap and remortgaged his mom’s cafe.

And when Kathy found out what she had done, she flung her belongings into the street and kicked him out of her own house. As Peter and Bobby refused to help their dad as he stood on the street as Kathy sent him on his way, things weren’t looking promising for Ian.

Viewers are aware that when she refused his advances, Ian even sabotaged his friendship with his former best friend Sharon after turning mean.

As Ian made a list of ambitious targets for her to meet at the bar, Sharon was surprised-otherwise he’d recruit someone else. The EastEnders episodes next week will see Sharon become impatient to kick new nemesis, Ian, out of the Vic.

Then, Kathy marches over and tells Sharon that she and Ian are dropping out. Can a revelation from Kathy prompt Sharon to find a way to get rid of Ian?

Viewers will recall that, after suffering a breakdown, Ian left Walford in 2012 and was finally found sleeping rough. Could history be about to be repeated?

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