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Stacey Fowler going to return in Eastenders?

EastEnders viewers got a welcome surprise last night’s episode (May 26) when Stacey Fowler made a cameo appearance over the phone.

Stacey could be heard talking to Kush, who had wanted to reach out to her about her mother Jean ‘s welfare.

While Kush could not bring himself to tell Stacey what was going on, there were a handful of other positive signs that she might be on her way back very soon.


So is Stacey coming back, what’s going to happen, and why did she leave first?

Stacey’s departure was only intended to be temporary, with Lacey taking on the job at some stage this year.

However, given recent hints that her return is possible, Stacey ‘s return to Walford may still be a little bit off.

It’s no secret that the EastEnders staff haven’t been able to shoot since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the show already running on a shortened schedule as a result.

Thus, Stacey’s comeback is unlikely to hit the screens at the earliest late summer, but it’s more likely that it will be much later in the year. That’s always a million-dollar question.

The last thing we knew about Stacey’s off-screen antics was that she had moved on to Jerome’s single dad when he came to pick up the rest of her stuff from the Slaters.

She also filed for Martin’s divorce previously this year. But after wanting to move on with Sonia last Christmas (and Ruby before that), Martin has made no secret of the fact that he’s really in love with Stacey, paving the next round of their on-off relationship when she returns.

What is Stacey going to do about Martin’s criminal activity and his spark with her friend Ruby? It’s yet to be seen, but it looks like it might get juicy.


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