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Strictly Come Dancing 2021: Who did Nina Wadia play in EastEnders and why did she leave?

In EastEnders, what happened to Zainab Masood? Here’s what we know thus far about Nina Wadia’s persona…

Strictly Come Dancing has returned to our television screens, with a brand new group of hopefuls vying for the Glitterball trophy.

Nina Wadia of EastEnders is one of the celebrities who will appear in the BBC program.

“I’ve always danced as if no one is looking, so if the judges are blindfolded, I may win Strictly 2021,” she claimed.

But who was Nina Wadia in EastEnders, and where did Zainab Masood go? Here’s what you should know…

In EastEnders, who did Nina Wadia play?

Nina spent seven years in EastEnders as Zainab Masood.

In 2007, she made her debut as the proprietor of Walford’s Post Office.

Zainab played a pivotal role in several major plots, including her struggle to accept her son Syed’s (Marc Elliott) sexuality and his relationship with Christian (John Partridge).

When her marriage to Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) fell apart, she was last seen.

Zainab relocated to Pakistan and married another guy, but the couple later split, and she hasn’t visited Walford in eight years.

What was the reason for Nina Wadia’s departure from EastEnders?

Nina stated that she quit the role of Zainab to pursue other roles.

“It was a difficult decision [to leave EastEnders] because it’s not like I was unhappy there; I had a lovely experience doing that show and it’s an iconic program to be a part of,” she previously told

“They didn’t want me to leave because they loved the character and everything was going great, but as an actor, I’d reached a point where I’m just not one of those actors.”

“I’m an actor who needs to be challenged and pushed a bit more, I missed the creativity of coming up with a new character, so it was a tough decision.”

Asked if she would consider coming back to the soap after eight years, Nina revealed in July that she would be keen to return at some point.

“I know I’ll step back into the Square in the future,” she told Inside Soap.

“I’ve been asked back a couple of times but the timing wasn’t right. It has to be a joint decision between EastEnders and me.”


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