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Summer falls and receives a shocking diagnosis after Billy fears she has an eating disorder on Coronation Street.

SUMMER Next week on Coronation Street, Spellman collapses and receives a shocking diagnosis after Billy suspected her of having an eating condition.

Summer has been dealing with the aftermath of Seb Franklin’s death.


Viewers are aware that Corey Brent kicked Seb to death as part of a brutal hate crime against Nina for dressing up as a goth.

Summer was with Corey and his friends on the night of the attack, but she returned home before the situation became dangerous.

However, the youngster has been battling a guilty conscience ever since, wondering if things might have turned out differently if she had stayed that night.

Summer takes Billy and Todd to the bistro for Father’s Day lunch next week, but Billy is concerned when she continues running to the bathroom before leaving to get back to her revision.

Billy is ecstatic when Todd says that it’s time he moved in properly, but when they return to the flat and discover Summer collapsed on the floor, they put their relocation plans on wait.

Summer is shocked when Billy implies she might have an eating disorder later in the week.

When she collapses again, they rush her to the hospital, where she is diagnosed with type one diabetes, shocking everyone.
Summer is having a hard time accepting the fact that she will have to use injections to treat her condition.

Summer demonstrates to Todd and Billy how to check her blood sugar and inject herself with insulin when they return to the flat.

Billy later informs Todd that he has changed his mind and that he should move in with him.


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