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The former couple appear to have reconciled Sam Frost is back with Dave Bashford

About six months ago, after her breakup with longtime boyfriend Dave Bashford, Home And Away star Sam Frost were struggling with heartbreak.

With Sam telling TV WEEK at the time that she and Dave remained friends, there was no bad blood between the pair.

But Sam has been seen spending a lot of time with her former flame in recent weeks, which only seems to be an increasing trend as she posts more and more Dave snippets on her Instagram.

It also seems like the pair are now on vacation together with Sam sharing videos of herself and Dave by the shore again.

The 31-year-old shared a scenic snap of Dave looking out at the sea, followed by an all-too-sweet video of the pair playing rocks of paper scissors to decide who will first have to dive.

She captioned the video, “Rock, paper, scissors. Loser jumps in,”

We can’t help but wonder if the exes we’ve ever seen are back together or maybe the most civil and loving exes.

Recently, Dave reappeared on Sam’s Instagram in a snap of him, his brother and the actress strolling out.

Sam said, “Fun Time with My Bashy Babes.”

Days later, Sam posted a clip, tagging Dave in the footage, with her dog.

She captioned one clip, showing her wading into the ocean while carrying the dog she shares with the 27-year-old, ‘Swimming lessons with Greg.’

In a recent TV WEEK interview, Sam had nothing but appreciation for three years as an ex.

It wasn’t an ugly or messy break-up,” she said, “Dave’s an awesome guy and that’s never going to change. They were just two people who, as friends, loved each other dearly, and we vowed to look after each other.

Back in July, rumors that the pair were on the rocks started when the former reality TV star took to Instagram to ridicule the “couple challenge” of the viral Tiktok. She added the hashtag “31singleandfabulous” and, tellingly, Dave was nowhere to be seen.

Soon after, a spokesperson spoke to Sydney Confidential, sharing a message that read: “Sam Frost and Dave Bashford are no longer in a relationship. They remain great mates.”


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