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The former EastEnders star who rose to fame in the United States has ruled out a return to the show.



EastEnders is a show that has shaped the careers of many actors, but what if we told you that one of its stars has announced she will never return? When was the last time you did that?

Michelle Ryan, who played Zoe Slater, was responsible for one of the most memorable EastEnders showdowns when she exclaimed, “You ain’t my MUVVA!!” to onscreen sister Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), to which she replied, “Yes I am.”

Michelle, on the other hand, has stated that the soap’s “doors remain closed” and that she is unlikely to return to Albert Square, putting an end to fan theories and dreams at the same time.

But why is that? Michelle explained to the Bristol Evening Post that she became “quite bored doing the same thing day in, day out.”

“I always saw EastEnders as an apprenticeship,” the actress later told the Daily Record.

“I’ve always wanted to travel and try new things. I made some great friends on that show, but the door is now shut.

“I’ve always been a risk-taker. I believe that’s how you advance – by branching out and trying new things. I enjoy having the freedom to move around from job to job.

“All I want to do is work with people I admire and respect, no matter what the situation is – big budget, small budget, leading role, supporting role.”

Her five-year run as Zoe Slater came to an end with the shocking storyline that revealed Kat was her biological mother despite raising her as her younger sister, as Kat was raped by their uncle, Harry (Michael Elphick), and became pregnant with Zoe when she was 13 years old.

Zoe flew to Ibiza after becoming entangled in a convoluted revenge plot against Dirty Den (Leslie Grantham), whom she mistakenly believed she had killed after striking him.

However, the villain regained consciousness, and it was Chrissie (Tracy-Ann Oberman), his estranged wife, who finished the job.

Michelle debuted as Zoe at the age of 16, but what has she been up to since then? By the looks of it, quite a bit.

In the 2009 Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead, the actress played Lady Christina de Souza.

Michelle has had an impressive career since her departure from EastEnders, having played Jaime Sommers in the American television series Bionic Woman.


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