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The Ziggy heartbreak of Home and Away as Dean reunion ‘ruined’ by Amber betrayal

Ziggy Astoni of Home and Away looks poised for more heartbreak as things will remain tumultuous between her and her former Dean Thompson, with whom she split earlier this year – so are they going to reunite?

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) from Home and Away has been through a lot in the last few months since separating with her former Dean Thompson.

Not only did she learn that he had a son with her ex, Amber, who had moved to Summer Bay, but with a stunning confession, he turned her world upside down.

After finding out that he had a role to play in Colby killing Ross Nixon, Ziggy abandoned him and had been keeping it from her, but it seems that things are far from over between Ziggy and Dean, amid her blooming Tane Parata romance.

Spoilers for the final revealed that Dean and Ziggy have a passionate moment, but are they going to end up together?

Ziggy has yet to learn that Dean slept right after they split from his former Amber, and that the discovery will leave her heartbroken.

Could Ziggy be left heartbroken when the truth is uncovered when Amber and Jai return to Summer Bay next year?

“Speaking of the revealing of Dean’s great secret, Sophie told the Daily Star, “She will be heartbroken to know about it.

That would really destroy her. From the beginning, she had insecurities about this girl, she had it before her husband cheated on her.

“She added: “Her greatest fear is that she’s not good enough, and this was reiterated by Dean’s friendship with Amber.

“She has got to work out whether she fits in the picture with Dean, and whether she wants to be in the picture.”

Yet she also suggested that there could be hope for the pair at the end of the tunnel, as she said She has to work out whether she can trust Dean and if she can move forward with him.”

There’s a lot of chaos going on, so let’s pray for them. That’s what I can do, hope for them. This is the heart versus the brain.

“Love can trump all but sometimes it can break and never come back, so we will just have to wait and see.” Will Ziggy and Dean end up together, or will their future be tainted by their past?

On Channel 5, Home and Away returns next year.


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