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EastEnders spoilers: Three characters to leave Albert Square as huge hint dropped

Fans of EASTENDERS have watched as not only the Mitchell family been torn apart in the last year, but the Carter family has also faced their horrors. It has now been hinted three iconic characters could be set to leave Albert Square for good at a shocking exit, but will they be able to get through with it?

Sharon Mitchell (played by Letitia Dean) Phil Mitchell ‘s devastating ultimatum this week. Who asked her to chose between him and her baby Kayden, not to want another man’s baby at home.

She was understandably furious at the asked, but Linda Carter dropped a hint which suggests that Sharon could leave EastEnders for good with two other beloved characters.

The Mitchell’s and the Carter’s have all been dealing with tragic storylines in the last year, and they all came to the Queen Vic boat party just a few months ago.


Sharon lost her teenage son, Denny Rickman, and the same night she gave birth to a baby, Kayden, who came about after a sordid affair with Keanu Taylor.

Linda had been struggling with alcoholism on the other side of Albert Square. For the last. few years, but after a number of incidents, she realized that she was no longer in control of her addiction.

But even after Linda put her little son Ollie in danger, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) said he couldn’t do it any more, so she broke down, revealing that she couldn’t recall the time that she didn’t have a drink in her hand.

Carter ‘s marriage is held on the shoestring due to various addiction, but when Mick suggested that they move out of the pub for good, Linda accepted.

This doesn’t mean her demons are gone, though, and in the coming scenes, Linda will struggle to adapt to “normal life.”

Kellie Bright has now opened up to what’s to come for Linda and her family, and whether they will make it outside of Queen Vic.

She explained: “I think the move could actually be very tough for them, I don’t think Linda’s will know what her role is.

“I imagine that Mick’s going to take charge of things at home and with Ollie because Linda is not a domestic goddess.

“She’s a good mom, but she’s not a homemaker, she’s never been a cook, she’s not a woman like that.

“She is a landlady. I just think she will flounder and feel a little lost. “And I think that could have an impact on her relationship with Mick, and she’ll feel like she’s not in control. I ‘m afraid it could be tough for them.

“I don’t know their life outside the pub, and it’s more exciting for me as an actress.” But this week, Linda’s AA sponsor Phil kicked Sharon’s friend out of his house after she refused to pick him out of Kayden ‘s house.

In an explosive row, Phil blamed Sharon for Denny ‘s death, saying that if she hadn’t had an affair with Keanu in the first place, none of the drama of the last year would have happened, and the woman ran back to Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyat).
But, with Linda and Mick moving from Queen Vic, could the couple and Sharon leave Albert Square for good?

Kellie continues “Linda will never understand Sharon ‘s feelings for Phil because she feels Sharon is too perfect for Phil.
“As much as Linda wants him to be her sponsor, I think she has a lot of respect for him at this level, but she’s not impressed as a husband.

“She wants the best for her friend, so she doesn’t see Phil like that.”

Viewers know that Linda ‘s alcohol journey is not near the end, but being away from the pub will surely support.

And with Sharon deciding that she want to be a mother again after all, could it be time for a new start for of them?



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