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EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith unveils the fate of Gray and Chantelle

EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith has revealed that Gray and Chantelle Atkins’ domestic abuse storyline is “a lot more to come.”

BBC soap has been exploring this issue since July last year when viewers first saw Gray attack Chantelle in disturbing scenes.

The truth about the marriage of Gray and Chantelle was revealed four months after their arrival at the show. Ever since EastEnders producers and writers have been taking a slow-burn approach to the plot.

Speaking to Digital Spy about shooting the ongoing story, Toby said, “Obviously, the scenes are getting harder and harder.

The stakes are getting higher, as Gray continues to push them further and further every time.”He’s on the edge, and he’s getting severe paranoia right now.

He has a lot of insecurity, and he’s finding it harder, with the stresses around him, to keep his temper under control.

“It’s challenging to go from 0 to 60 in a short space of time. In one scene, Gray ‘s going to be calm and collected. Then he lost it completely again in the next scene. It’s a lot of a roller coaster in that respect.

Addressing the sluggish approach of the storyline, he went on to say, “It’s meant to be hard to watch Domestic abuse can go on for years and years – and it’s painstaking, difficult, and arduous.

“That’s just what they ‘re trying to convey in this plot. They ‘re trying to show the different layers to Gray and Chantelle, both inside and outside the house.

“We also see how what happens to the outside world will impact what happens to them behind closed doors. It takes time to show all those elements. I think it’s important to take It’sIt’s our time with it.

“The first we joined the show we knew it was going to be a show. Story of domestic abuse, but it was pretty much what we knew. We didn’t know when it would happen..

“We didn’t know that they should bring us into the show as this picture-perfect, Instagram family, and then the shock revealed last summer. What was actually going on?

“We’ve always known that it was on the agenda, but we don’t know too much, to be honest, in terms of the long-term arc. Essentially, we get our scripts, and we take the script by the script.

Next week’s scenes see Gray again becomes aggressive towards Chantelle, suspects her to having an affair with her boss, Kheerat Panesar.

Gray also continues to support Whitney Dean ahead of her trial. Whitney tries to kiss him as they continue to spend time together.

On whether the story of Gray and Chantelle is nearing its end or has more to come, Toby confirmed: “I think there is much more to come. There are so many elements to be explored.

“Gray ‘s objectives are the trial at the moment. Gray desperately wants to win this, as he wants to be a hero on the Square. That is another layer behind closed doors to cover up what’s happening.

“If he wins the case, he knows he will be covering it up even more for him.

“Obviously, with all that’s going on with Chantelle and Kheerat, when it comes to those two, his paranoia is escalating quite rapidly. He ‘s getting more and more suspicious, and I think that’s something we’re going to explore.


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